A product, especially a new one will not gain much attention without promotion. This is why learning how to market a product is so vital in the world of marketing.

While getting your products in front of audiences can be such an easy task, the challenge remains how to ensure these audiences are the right ones for sales.

If you have a new or existing product out there, here are 6 easy and practical ways to market such product(s).

Email Newsletter

Your potential customers would love to hear from you, and one of the ways to reach them is through email newsletters.

As much as your potential customers are open to hearing from you via email, care should be taken not to spam them with your emails. 74% of customers get frustrated whenever they receive emails that share no similarity with their interests.

It’s important to write newsletters with your target customers in mind, doing this helps you create content that addresses the needs of your customers. Emails that are well targeted can produce as much as 760% increase in revenue. Also, don’t send an email to a list of 1,000 people just because you have 1,000 email addresses, try to segment them to a handful of email addresses you know are your target customers

how to market a product

User Generated Content

One of the best ways out there to market a product is by letting your customers speak for you. A great review from a satisfied customer will encourage others to try out your product.

Hence, you can adopt this strategy by reaching out to your customers and asking them to review your product. In addition to this, you can offer your best customers or brand ambassadors early and discounted access to some of your new products in exchange for a review.

Put Ads to Good Use

When thinking of how to market a product, paid ads have proven to be very effective. While running paid ads can lead to a boost in the ROI, it can also result in zero profit if not properly done.

One of the keys to a successful paid campaign is in targeting the right audience with the right message. There are several ways to create your custom audiences some of which are:

  • Through pages mostly visited on your website.
  • Amount of time spent on certain pages.
  • Content mostly engaged with or downloaded.
  • Facebook page engagement, amongst several others.
how to market a product

Make Use of Affiliates

Affiliate marketing has great potential for significant revenue generation. In addition, it is a cost-effective strategy that allows you to pay mainly for performance.

Learning how to market a product using affiliates involves collaboration. Collaboration here means reaching out to people – Affiliates who would like to market your product and in return get some commission for every sale made with their individual product link.

Furthermore, making use of affiliates exposes your products and services to new audiences, which can lead to a boost in sales. Selar makes affiliate marketing very easy, and you can read about it here.

Pre-order Promotion

Creating a buzz around your product before launching it to the public is another good way to market your product.

It’s also helpful to attach a bonus to every pre-order made. It can be in the form of a discount for everyone who places an order before the product launch. This will help increase the number of purchases and get more people interested in your products.

Tell a Product Story

In learning how to market a product, effective storytelling comes to play. One common mistake marketers make is trying hard to sell a product and not the experience that comes with using such products.

All your customers care about is finding a solution to their problem. So, when you adopt the art of storytelling, you engage with different segments of their brains.

Telling engaging stories of your product not only keeps your audiences glued, but it also propels them to take action.

Your product can be the best there is out there, however, it can’t and won’t sell itself. Mastering how to market a product using the tips above will give your product the maximum amount of exposure it needs without having to break the bank.