How Ese Umoh is Using Selar to Build Her Immigration Consultation Business

Ese Umoh has spent the last four years building her business that offers Immigration consultation services to people looking to relocate abroad. Some of her services include; Immigration applications such as visa applications, whether it’s temporary or permanent residence applications, citizenship applications, and lots more. 

At the beginning of her business, Ese offered only consultation services. But, as the business grew, she soon realized that having a successful business requires offering multiple products and services. Ese then decided to create other products within her offerings for her audience. 

Soon after, there was a problem. 

She saw that there was no effective way to sell her products to clients. So she had to go on a platform hunt to find a platform designed for digital products and African creators at large. 

Finding a Suitable Platform

Ese Umoh had already made significant progress selling her services as an Immigration consultant online. But as an African residing abroad, a majority of her clients were from Africa. This created a problem of accepting payments from clients due to geographical location. 

“One of the reasons I was trying out different platforms was because I wanted a platform that could give my clients the option to pay in whatever currency they had. When I started, the majority of my clients were in Africa and looking to move to other parts of the world. Because of that, it was very difficult to find any payment channels that could enable multi-currency payment.”

Ese Umoh started researching to find a platform that catered to her business needs at its stage and solved the problem of multi-currency payments. 

Discovering Selar

Luckily, Ese came across Selar at the beginning of 2022 while scrolling online and looking for platforms to sell her digital products.  

“When I discovered Selar, one of the major things I saw was that I was able to sell my digital products. I found that the other platforms I used were not really tailored to services and digital products. They focused on physical products and services and that wasn’t what I was doing. 

Selar on the other hand, is really focused on digital products. It is designed to support people who have digital products.

I use Selar for my consultation services and webinars. When I started my business, I realized that to have a successful online business, you can’t just rely on providing a single service which in my case, was visa applications. 

Now, I’ve structured my business in such a way that anyone who comes in contact with me can pay for at least one service. So I have very low tickets that go for as low as 5000 Naira. I also have my consultation service which costs about 50,000 Naira. My premium services which include visa applications cost from $1,500 upwards,” Ese says.

Accepting Payments in Different Currencies

With Selar, it became a lot easier for Ese Umoh to sell her products and services and receive payments from customers all around the world. “My business has grown a lot. And now it has become easier for me to accept payments in different currencies from my clients. For example, I can have a client book from Cameroon without having to deal with the process. Selar handles all that for me and I still receive my money.

She continued, “Automation is something I really enjoy with Selar that I didn’t get on other platforms I used. Other platforms required me to be involved to a large extent in moving my clients through my funnel and I didn’t want that. 

Another thing that stands out for me is the Sales page. I like that I can easily create a sales page to promote my other products without having to disable my other links.” Ese says.

The convenience that comes with using Selar compelled Ese to tell her friends about the platform. In her words, “I like Selar and I tell all my friends to use Selar. Most of my colleagues in Immigration consulting have also been able to transition into Selar.”

Looking to the Future of Her Business 

Ese’s future plans are to explore more features on Selar to promote her services. She also looks forward to seeing Selar expand into more African countries. “I want to start using the sales page feature on Selar. I think it will make a really big difference in how easily I convert my followers into paying clients.  I’m also looking forward to seeing more expansion into more countries in Africa. If Selar expands into other African countries, it will make doing business a lot easier,” she said. 

Selar is an e-commerce platform designed for African creators to help them turn their knowledge into income by selling digital products or services anywhere in the world.

Selar was created for the African creator to provide a sustainable plan through which they can create endless streams of income for themselves and be rewarded for their knowledge and skills.

If you’d like to join the league of selling their products and services across borders without limits, then sign up on Selar. It’s Free!