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How to sell online in 2020: Everything to know about Selar

Learn how to sell online

Despite the many options available today, how to sell online remains elusive to many creators and entrepreneurs. Whether you’re making your own website, or paying for a site builder, there’s always that running monthly cost that’s too expensive, or the technical expertise required. At Selar, we’ve built a simple tool to help you sell any content or product online easily, it will be as easy as making a Facebook account. 

What is Selar?

Selar Store Demo

Selar is a free ecommerce tool that helps creatives & entrepreneurs sell their content & products across borders without any hassle. We’ve created a platform so simple, you can sign up, and create a store to sell your content or products in less than 5 minutes. 

We’re also passionate about supporting creators & entrepreneurs to sell internationally, hence, by creating a store on Selar, you get access to over six(6) currencies instantly – Naira, Ghanian Cedi, US Dollars, British Pounds, Kenyan Shillings, & South African Rands. 

Here’s a store demo you can check out for how your store would look like. You can even try purchasing a product to see the experience of your buyers. 

What can you sell on Selar?

You can sell anything on Selar, event tickets, ebooks, physical products, training, courses and lots more. There’s literally no limit to what you can sell on Selar. 

Supported Countries

We currently support Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Uganda &  South Africa, and rapidly expanding to more markets in Africa & Europe. 

How it works

It’s just four steps: 

  • Sign up @ Selar.co
  • Input your bank information
  • Upload products
  • Share with your customers.

Selar functions as a free e-commerce store builder with a payment integration, what this means is, when you create an online store with Selar you automatically get an online payment integration that supports local and international payments. So when you create your profile and add your products, all you have to do next is share the product link with your customers and once they purchase your product, you’ll get the funds in your bank account.

When they pay, we credit your bank account automatically. We only take a small commission on each successful sale as outlined in the pricing section of our website.


When considering how to sell online, pricing plays a big role. You definitely do not want to be paying too much for anything, and that’s why Selar is free to use. We’ve baked in so many features like up selling, affiliates, coupon codes, Facebook pixel, mail chimp and many more to make you more successful with your sales, and all of that is free to use. We only charge for each successful payment made on the platform, and this price differs by currency: 

NGN: 4% + ₦ 50

USD: 10% + 50¢

GBP: 10% + 50p

GHS: 5% + GH¢ 1

KES: 5% + 20Ksh

ZAR: 6% + R 2

UGX: 6% + USh 500

There’s no subscription fee or hidden charges. 

How do you get paid?

When you make a sale on Selar, the money becomes available to you depending on the currency.

For NGN (Naira) transactions, we send your profit to your bank acocunt (automatically) a day after the transaction.

For GHS, KES and ZAR transactions, the funds are is settled to your Selar wallet four (4) days after the transaction

For USD and GBP transactions, the funds are is settled to your Selar wallet at the end of each month (everything for the month is cummulated)

For funds settled to your wallet, you can withdraw it straight to your bank account/mobile money at any time.

Who uses Selar today

We have a host of amazing creators and entrepreneurs using Selar today. To name a few, Musicians selling music like Ric Hassani, Eva Alordiah, Chocolate City’s Classiq, big businesses like Mount Zion films, TedXCu, and many more. You’ll definitely be in great company. 

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