How to grow your email list from scratch

Email marketing has proven to be the most direct way to reach your audience today. Here are five easy and practical ways to grow your email list.

As social media platforms become more constraining with how they choose to show your posts (even to your followers), email marketing becomes the most direct way of communicating with your audience, plus it’s free and it’s easy to use.

If you haven’t started milking the juice out of email marketing, this is a good time to start.

Here are a few reasons to:

  1. It is a direct way to reach your audience. You don’t have to worry about social media algorithms
  2. It is free and easy to use.
  3. It builds a personal relationship with you and your audience.
  4. It gives you a better advantage to close a sale considering a large percentage of people check their emails daily.
  5. Unlike social media, you don’t have to worry about being hacked.

How to get your audience to give you their emails.

Give out incentives

Everyone will appreciate a thoughtful gift, it could be a discount on their next order, a warranty, giveaways, etc. Here’s an example of H&M offering a 10% discount for
the user’s email.

Be an authority in your industry through content marketing.

When people know you as an authority in your field, they’ll gladly give you their emails willingly. Techcabal uses this beautifully, leverage their tech and startup knowledge authority, and asking users to enter their email addresses to get more content.

Use FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out)

Nobody likes to know they are missing out on something great. If you’re launching a new product or starting a sales drive, use the FOMO tactic to get them to give you their email so they can be the first to know.

With Rihanna’s upcoming Skincare line, she uses the FOMO tactic so well to get users to
submit their email before the launch so they can stay updated.

Always remind them to join your newsletter at the end of your articles and posts

Make sure your process is as simple as possible. Mailchimp is a good option for this, they have embeddable widgets as well as the option to create custom landing pages. adds this subscription section at the end of each post to drive users to give them their email after they’ve gotten value from the blog.

Use gated content to your advantage

Have you ever tried to read a beautiful article and they tell you to join their newsletter to read more?

@triciabiz uses the gated content example to get users’ emails before they can get her free content.

Yes! That’s it. Five practical ways to grow your email list, try these and let us know how they
worked for you.

PS: Except for some advanced cases where you might need to upgrade your subscription to a
premium based plan, email marketing is free and easy to use.