3 Proven Strategies to Boost Sales as a Digital Creator this Black Friday

Black Fridays are that time of the year when everyone finally has the courage to buy all the items they’ve had in their cart for a long time. During this period, business owners put their goods on sale at a very good and affordable price.

Digital creators often shy away from offering Black Friday discounts for lots of justifiable reasons.

However, it is a good time to boost sales of your products and get more potential customers on board.

In this article, we’ve put together 3 strategies to offer Black Friday discounts without harming your business.

But first, should digital creators offer Black Friday discounts?

Should Digital Creators Offer Black Friday Sales?

Yes, you should. Lots of people want to take your course, be a part of your membership/coaching program and read your book. But oftentimes, they are limited by the price. Also, they may have plans to gift someone one of your products but can’t do so because it’ll cost a lot too.

So, how do you make sure you cater to this category of people who are neither leads nor customers but are interested in your product?

The answer is simple – Offer discounts.

Also, being a digital creator saves you from the operational cost of running a business. You don’t have to worry about delivery fees or clearing fees, or lots of other expenses that come with running a traditional offline business. This unique advantage gives you the opportunity to offer discounts without harming your business.

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Some Selar creators leverage black Friday discounts to welcome new customers and boost profit. Sales and Marketing Expert, Success Mba says, “I have made over 1 million Naira in 48 hrs by just offering Black Friday Offers. My customer base has increased by 10X and I have met new people interested in my business.”

The holidays are almost here. Aside from shopping, people want to spend the holidays learning a new skill, reading a book, or even taking an online course. And you can help them by offering discounts on your digital products.

Ultimately, it happens once every year. So you have more than enough time to make more money you may have lost by offering discounts.

How to Offer Black Friday Discounts to Boost Sales

If you’ve decided to offer black Friday discounts, here are three strategies to help you sell out in no time.

#1. Offer incentives rather than discounts

You can run a successful black Friday sales without discounting your products by offering incentives instead. By offering incentives, you are adding value without lowering your prices.

Here’s what we mean.

People view free gifts as one of the most appealing promotional offers. They are more drawn to free gifts than even discounts because they see free gifts as buying one and getting the other at zero amount.

As a digital creator, coming up with incentives to offer alongside your products might be a little bit tricky but here is a guide for you to follow to choose the best products to go along with your offers.

  • Make sure the incentive is valuable to your audience. 
  • If you will be creating new products entirely, figure out a product that won’t take most of your time to create but at the same time will be of immense value to your customers.
  • The incentive can be a product that you want to upsell for your other services and products.
  • The incentive can be a lead magnet.

#2. Use discounts sparingly

While we encourage you to offer black Friday discounts, we also suggest that you do it sparingly. Typically once a year like now to avoid ruining your brand’s perceived value.

You don’t want a situation where people buy your product only when you offer a discount.

So how do you offer discounts without offering discounts?

1. Offer discounts to a specific group of people

Simply offering discounts to an exclusive group of customers. It could be those who subscribed to your email list or membership group, coaching program, etc.

By doing this, people will be eager to join the selected group to benefit from the discount. It’s a win-win situation because you get more people to join the group and you make more sales.

2. Offer discounts on certain products at a certain price range

This means offering discounts on selected products above a price range of your choice.

For example, you can offer a 20% discount on your digital products that are ₦20,000 and above.

One good thing about this type of discount is that it will help you sell more of your high-priced products.

So if you give a 20% discount on ₦20,000 products, you will make ₦16,000 at one sale but putting 20% on a ₦5,000 product, you will need to get 4 people to buy before you reach the ₦16,000 mark.

3. Shorten the time of your discount offer

This is also known as flash sales, It’s when you run a discount within a very short period of time. Flash sales give customers the extra sense of urgency to buy immediately.

So you can make more sales within a short period of time.

Selar makes it very easy for you to set up these types of discount sales. All you need to do is to create a coupon code. 

Learn how to create a coupon code on Selar.

#3. Sell your products in bundles

Products bundling is a strategy where businesses combine multiple products together into a package at a single price.

When you add products together as a bundle, the price is always lower than when each of these products is sold on its own.

It is a great sale strategy to increase the average revenue per user as opposed to discounting each product individually.

When you discount individual products, people can decide to buy just one of your products but by bundling, you already give them no choice but to buy all products that are being bundled together.

So here’s how to create the perfect bundle your buyers would not resist.

1. Put together similar products

Your bundles can be similar products. For example, four of your ebooks or seven of your video tutorials.

2. Repurpose your products 

You can bundle together products that have not been selling out with the newest products or your best-selling products. This will help push out those products that you haven’t sold for a while.

3. Combine different types of products that cover the same topic

If you have an ebook on “Instagram engagement strategy”, you can add it to a video course on “hashtag tips and tricks” and also add a webinar on “how to make more sales on Instagram” together to make a bundle. This will attract your audience who are interested in growing their Instagram page for their business.

4. Create specialized or themed bundles

You can create bundles that are specific to certain uses, causes, or levels of experience such as starter packs, pro packs, etc covering all assets, content, and materials customers need to achieve a specific goal or skill level.

For instance, if you are a graphics designer or you teach graphics design, you can create a bundle that contains everything a beginner needs to get started. Such a bundle can include Adobe Illustrator, Project files, how-to guides, vector packs, texture, and fonts.

In summary,

Black Friday offers exciting opportunities for digital creators to make more sales and gain more awareness. Even though the profit margin might be low, it’s really a nice way to make more revenue before the holidays.

To recap, here are the 3 strategies you can use to sell out this black Friday as a digital creator.

  • Offer incentives like printables, templates, and ebooks that are not time-consuming to create but are very valuable to your customers.
  • Use discounts sparingly by running discounts only for specific groups of people or your high-ticket products or just running discounts at a shortened period of time.
  • Sell your products in bundles to increase your average sales per user unit and also prevent individual discounting.

Hopefully, this post has helped you with some strategies you need to offer great Black Friday deals. 

Go forth and make massive sales this black Friday. We wish you the best!