How Content Creator and Business Strategist Pasheda is Using Selar to Make Steady Passive Income

“Everything is easier with Selar. All you have to do is create your products and wake up to credit alerts.”

Pasheda began her creator journey as a beauty creator, sharing beauty, fashion, and lifestyle content with her audience. 

Later, she discovered that she could do more. She was good at planning and organizing, which then led her to start an event planning business. With her MBA knowledge, she planned her creator journey like a proper business and set out to make money from it. 

From making friends in different industries, she soon realized that this knowledge of business which came naturally to her, wasn’t as common as she thought. “I realized that a lot of people were not paying attention to the business side of content creation. People just started content creation by taking pictures and videos till brands come their way.”

Pasheda saw this need and decided she would help people understand the business of content creation and turn their skills into profit. 

The Beginning

Pasheda began her journey to content creation by sharing beauty, lifestyle, and fashion tips until one day she wanted to monetize her skills. ‘I wasn’t just creating content, I wanted to monetize my skills so I would not have to wait for brands to approach me to make money.’

I sat down and planned it like a proper business – profit /loss and all of the above. 

And from just talking to people, I realized that there was a gap here that I could fill. 

So I decided to put what I knew into writing. I started creating creator tips on my Instagram stories. I used my community as a platform to talk to more people and educate more content creators and slowly I started putting out ebooks.” 

Before Selar

Pasheda discovered Selar when purchasing a product from another creator. As someone invested in learning, all she wanted to do at the time was learn from another creator and implement the knowledge.

“I used to take one-on-one meetings and it was very exhausting. People would use my Calendly link to schedule a time and we’ll have our classes.’

‘I was also getting lots of questions about things and it was getting overwhelming to answer everyone individually. To make things easier for me, I started working on building a website. I was inspired by iamyeychi, a lifestyle, fashion, and beauty creator. She has her own websites where she posts her products and services and I wanted to create the same for myself. 

My idea was to host my products there so anytime I got a question about something I had already created, I’d just send them my website link. But it was hard. 

Trying out Selar

“One day, I came across Salem King’s material. I wanted to get it so I checked it out and saw that it was hosted on Selar. Immediately, I knew I didn’t have to own a website anymore. It just clicked. 

I tried it out and it worked! I love how using Selar makes me organized. I just have to put up my materials and share them. Selar handles everything from there and I just wake up to credit alerts.

From planners to Notion templates, pricing books, courses, and content materials, I have all of that on Selar. I even have materials on how to plan your content, how to price your content, content ideas that you can post, and how to reach out to brands to engage in brand collaborations.

I’ve also been able to package my classes, resell as materials, and even publish ebooks. It’s made the whole thing very easy. Just go to my Selar page, choose the product that solves your current problem, and pay for it. I even have some materials that I’ve created from one of the classes I did in the past. It makes the whole process easier for both me and the people who want to learn.” 

Optimizing For More Sales

Equipped with a tool that makes sales easier for her, Pasheda makes more sales by maximizing the cross-selling feature on Selar and optimizing her store to ensure that anyone who comes there leaves with a product. 

“Selar allows me to reach multiple people at the same time without getting involved, and that’s been the most challenging part of doing my business manually. To help me make more sales with Selar, I use my picture on my products and link my LinkedIn and Instagram handles. When I put up the free materials, Selar refers customers to my other materials which they end up buying. That  has helped me a lot.” 

Hitting New Milestones

By using Selar, I’ve successfully created passive income for myself. I know that when I decided to put out ebooks and share my ideas online, I didn’t estimate how many people would download the materials. Selar shows me how many people have downloaded the products and it’s so interesting to see. At some point, I wasn’t promoting my products that much but I was still seeing notifications of people that downloaded. In 2023, I also made it to Selar’s top 100 creators – that was amazing. 

Looking to the Future

I am working on creating more ebooks for the year. I want to have three books this year for each quarter and also host a class before the end of Q1.

For now, I have zero issues or complaints on Selar. I appreciate how much Selar has made being a creator easy. It’s amazing. I love the work that you guys do. Thank you very much.