The Ultimate Digital Product Manual For Creators

The Ultimate Digital Product Manual is a free ebook created by Selar that teaches you all about digital products.

It is the ultimate guide to developing the right digital product idea, creating it, and selling your product to gather more customers.

Since Selar is all about helping you to monetize your knowledge and get paid for what you know, we’ve written this ebook in collaboration with other authors to serve as a guide for your digital products business.

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What is the Ultimate Digital Product Manual?

The ultimate digital product manual is a free ebook created by Selar in collaboration with 12 other industry experts; Naomi Osemedua, Amba Eyang-Ajakaiye (idarenotdread), Milton Tutu, Emmanuel Akpe, Oyekunle Damola, Ally Wealth, Adewuyi Tamilore, Padebi Ojomo, Salem King, Bolaji Ajibare, Ellena Affah, and Naijabrandchick to teach you how to create and sell digital products.

It is a complete guide to creating, launching, and making massive sales selling digital products. Each chapter includes secrets, strategies, and principles of how top creators in Africa make thousands of dollars selling their digital products from the comfort of their homes.

You will also find methods, techniques, strategies, and concepts to help you boost your sales.

Topics in the Ultimate Digital Product Manual include;

  • Generating Money making ideas
  • Bringing your digital products to life
  • Building a community
  • Growing on social media
  • Social media Marketing and Advertising
  • Influencer Marketing, and so much more!

Why Download the Ultimate Digital Product Manual?

Here’s why you NEED the ultimate digital product manual

  • To learn from the top 12 creators in the African creator economy. What better way is there to avoid mistakes than to learn from the best?
  • Get secrets you don’t know on how to make massive sales from digital products.
  • Learn better ways to position yourself as an expert and get paid for what you know.
  • Stay ahead of other creators with insights into current industry practices.
  • Gain new strategies, secrets, and principles to improve your income as a new digital creator.

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