How WakaWaka Doctor Sold Over 1000 Copies of His Ebook in Four Months with Selar

WakaWaka Doctor graduated as a Medical Doctor in Nigeria and was working two jobs to survive and getting paid about ₦200,000/$250. 

One day while having lunch at a canteen, he saw an old newspaper which he flipped and saw an advert that read “Saudi Arabia in need of Nigerian doctors, Interview in Lagos, free accommodation, free travel ticket, and a huge salary.” 

He immediately abandoned his food, packed his bag, and took the next available bus to Lagos for the interview. Luckily, he got the job which provided a free ticket and accommodation that began his journey to travel the world. 

WakaWaka Doctor had traveled to 62 countries, lived and worked in 5 of them, and was terrible at documenting his journey. One day, a friend suggested that he share his experience of how he moved abroad while getting a free air ticket and accommodation.  

He created a video about moving to France which got about 20,000 views on YouTube. This led him to start creating and sharing content online about moving to various countries, and getting flight tickets and accommodation at affordable prices. 

This interesting personal journey soon grew faster than he imagined as people now looked up to him for guidance on studying/moving abroad, and visa applications amongst other things. It took finding Selar for him to effectively manage the demands of his audience by creating ebooks to solve their problem. 

Selling his ebooks online

Wakawaka Doctor already built an audience online by simply sharing his travel journey and helping people solve moving abroad problems. The first book he wrote was titled  Move Abroad by Force. “It is a best seller and it shows people the different options available to move abroad,” he said. 

However, he discovered that writing the ebook was the easy part. Given the diversity of his audience and their geographical locations, he needed to make it easy for customers to not only pay for the book but also access it. 

This required him to use other platforms he knew at the time, as well as social media marketing to sell his products. However, he faced a series of inconveniences that discouraged him and made him discontinue using the platform. Hence, there was a need for a platform that made it easier to have his products together, sell to customers in any part of the world, and receive payment. 

Discovering Selar

One day, a friend told him how her company used Selar to promote their business, and how easy it was to use. “I was introduced to Selar by a friend and she spoke about how easy-to-use it was,” he said. That was the first time he heard about Selar and decided to give it a try. 

He went ahead to set up his account and was amazed at how easy it was to set up in minutes. “I tried it out and it was very smooth and easy. It didn’t take long to complete and everything was very smooth,” he said.  

Managing his business from one place

After WakaWaka doctor signed up on Selar, it became easier to manage all aspects of his business from one easy-to-use platform. First, he posted his store link across his social media channels, eliminating the need to constantly market his product and ask people to send a DM to get the product. 

He also used the affiliate marketing feature to boost sales of his products and services without extra effort for marketing. “I was able to use the affiliate marketing feature to increase my sales with less effort,”  he added.

He also used the read online feature to protect his ebooks from intellectual theft. “I use the read online feature to make my customers read my ebook online rather than download it which offers me a lot of flexibility. I don’t want my products downloadable, so this feature is one I enjoy very well on the platform,” he said. 

Making more sales online

With Selar, it became a lot easier for WakaWaka Doctor to sell his products and services and receive payments from customers all around the world. “I don’t know what it is about the name Selar that attracts people to click on it, but I’ve had more sales over a period of time using Selar than I’ve had using other products and means. I sold my first 1000 books in about four months and that’s a huge highlight for me. 

My customers are in various countries and it has become easier to receive payment from these countries without waiting for long. Now, it happens almost instantly and I can request withdrawals anytime.

I’d also like to add that Selar helps me save because it has a wallet where my payment goes. Since the payout isn’t automatic, my money can remain in my wallet for as long as I want. Oftentimes, I forget it and come back to withdraw it maybe after a few months. So I would say that Selar is a savings platform for business owners.” he said.

Building a community

It’s the flexibility that comes with using Selar that has made WakaWaka doctor bring his travel agency and community to Selar. He owns a travel agency called Urban Nomads, which provides consultation services to people looking to travel/migrate to any country of choice, and also helps them get admissions and visas. 

It also offers a membership community to travel experts and enthusiasts looking to connect to other travel experts. With various pricing tiers, people can sign up based on their various travel needs. 

“The idea behind Urban Nomads is to use global education, professional development, and career to open the eyes of individuals to see the benefits of traveling abroad and migrating and to try and change their perspective. And I do that by educating one person at a time about travel.” WakaWaka Doctor says.

Looking to the future of his business

Wakawaka doctor’s future plans are to help more people through his products and introduce more people to Selar. “My principles for the future are quite simple. I want to put more products on Selar, make more people use the platform, and make more money using it,” he said.