Making online video courses that sell have gone beyond merely promising prospects that you’re worth their investment. You have to go further to prove it to them. One effective way to achieve this is by making an online video course.

When you teach your topic, you display your expertise in your subject area. In return, people trust that you know what you’re doing. However, making a video is not all there is to it, you have to make video courses that sell.

how to make online video courses

In case you’re still wondering how to make online video courses that lead to sales, here’s how.

Choose the Perfect Course Topic

Whatever topic you choose has to revolve around something you love! Emphasis on LOVE. That’s the only way to convert your passion to profit. If otherwise, it will definitely tell in the course of your video. Once you find a topic you love and are really good at, then that’s the perfect one for your video course

There’s no way you will convince your audience about a subject when you’re not fully convinced yourself.

Ensure Your Topic is in High Demand

No creator wants to spend valuable time creating a video no one is interested in. When choosing a topic, ask yourself – Do people need this? Is this topic in high demand? Once you can answer these questions, it increases your chances of creating an online video courses that sell.

While there might be a lot of competition in your course area, make no mistakes thinking your course won’t fly. On the contrary, it’s proof that your subject area is in high demand and is worth the effort.

To find out how popular your topic is, check for these three things:

  • Are people tlking about the topic?
  • Are they asking questions about it?
  • Is there a gap in what your competitors are offering?

Create Compelling Learning Outcomes

What do I stand to benefit from this video course? This is one question your audience will ask themselves when they come across your video. Creating a learning outcome shows your audience what they stand to gain from your course. Also, it should be compelling enough if you want to drive those sales.

Questions, Who, What, How, Why, Where, Business, Plan

Furthermore, a clear learning outcome attracts the right audience. In other words, it ensures only the appropriate students join your course. Hence, higher satisfaction and positive feedback rate.

Gather Your Course Content

In learning how to make online video courses that sell, you need to shuffle information. What this means is knowing what information to include and the ones to leave out. Having conducted your research on this topic, it’s time to take out whatever does not serve the learning outcome.

Secondly, ensure every content alighs with the each learning outcome and fills the gap left out by competitors.

Determine the Most Engaging Delivery Method

Now, you need to get your content out there. It’s time to decide the best way to deliver it effectively. Understand that different principles apply where adult learning is concerned. There are various learning preferences and you need to adopt the best option for your target audience. They are essential in the online video courses experience.

The goal here is to make your video course as engaging as possible. There should be a balance of visuals, audio, and methodologies.

Film, Record, and Edit your Online Course

Having put all your content plan together, it’s time to film and record your content. Set up that camera and get behind it. Put on your best face and deliver your content with much-needed confidence. Don’t forget, the audience can sense your uneasiness. Also, ensure you project as loudly as possible but not too loud. You’ve taken out time to put this together, now is the time to finally deliver.

how to create online video courses

Once you’re done recording, take out time to edit your videos. There are various video editing apps and software out there to make use of. If you’re not up to the task, then get a professional to do the job.

There you have it! What better time to begin creating those online video courses than now?

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