6 Secret Formulas To Writing Effective Sales Copy for Your Online Course

There are millions of course creators online that are constantly showing their courses to several students day in and day out. 

Hence, students are faced with thousands of options to choose from to solve their problems.

Due to this, most students won’t have the chance to research every course they see online. 

That means the only chance you get to have people pay attention to your course and in turn, enroll in your course is your “sales copy”.

The quality of your sales copy has a big effect on your marketing efforts. You can have a very good and valuable course that perfectly suits your students’ needs but if you can’t come up with a good copy to convince them to enroll, they will pass your course and go ahead to buy from your competitors.

A good sales copy can never be underestimated. It’s your weapon to convince your students that your course is the right solution they need to solve their problems.

Now, how do you ensure that your sales copy is enough to convince your prospect to enroll in your course?

Well, in this post, you will learn the secret formula that will help you in writing an effective sales copy for your course that will generate more sales.

Secret Formula To Writing Effective Sales Copy that Sells.

As the name implies, a sales copy is mainly intended to get people to make the purchase decision. 

So when writing a sales copy you need to convey the value of your products and the urgency to make the purchase decision.

To ensure that your sales copy is convincing enough to make people enroll in your course, you need to follow certain guidelines. 

Use these formulas below to create the best sales copy for your course.

#1. Start Your Copy With Your Strongest Benefit

Benefits give your prospect a reason to buy because it explains how your course will transform them from point A to the point they envisaged.

Let’s get to the practical aspect;

Imagine you are looking to buy a good bike for your son for his 10th birthday and you went into a bike shop and told the shop assistant that you need a bike for your boy.

With full enthusiasm, the first thing he tells you is that a particular bike is hybrid and would really be nice and that it had 14 gears, a typical drivetrain, hydraulic disc brakes, and an aluminum frame.

You have no idea of what the shop assistant is talking about and you will probably be nodding your head and feeling stupid at the same time.

You might decide to just leave there and go home or get an alternative for your boy.

That’s simply an example of starting your sales copy with the features of your course rather than the benefits.

If he had approached you with something like, “This bike is the best for 10-year-olds, it’s perfect for their height and the designs on it are masculine. It’s not too high to climb and would probably be with Him as he grows into his teenage years ….” 

You would probably be comfortable knowing more about the bike.

To write a very good sales copy that converts, you need to mix both the features and the benefits. But you need to capture the reader’s attention with the strongest benefits before moving on to the feature of your course.

Features talk about your course while the benefits close the deal.

While writing your sales copy, show your prospective buyers more of how your course will benefit them not only what the course entails.

#2. Give Full Explanation Of What Prospective Students Will Gain

Now that you have grabbed their attention with the strongest benefits, water the seed by adding in what the students will gain when they enroll in the class. This is more or less like giving full details of the benefits to fit in the problem the prospective students are trying to solve.

Here, you should be able to convince them that your course is what they really need to solve that problem they had.

Here’s an example;

 “Learning Social Media Management gives you the power to start making money online from the comfort of your home.

Remember, while you are trying to convince them of the value of the course don’t over-hype your course.

#3. Back up Your Claims With Testimonials

Putting some testimonials right in the middle of your sales copy helps to keep your readers focused on your credibility and also puts you in a place of authority.

Adding testimonials to your sales copy increases the chance of getting your prospective student to enroll in the course.

Testimonials make your prospects trust you even before buying your course because it gives an unbiased account of the authenticity of your course.

Testimonials help to convince your prospective students that your course would really make a difference in their lives because it did the exact thing for someone else.

Having said that, Do you know that not all testimonials are effective to sell out a course?

Let’s look at an example;

“I love your course, it’s simply one of the best courses I had taken so far, I will definitely be getting more courses from you”

To you,

The student is really happy to buy your course.


To a third party (a prospect), it doesn’t show them that this student got a particular solution they are looking for.

So this is actually not a very good testimonial to put in your sales copy.

This testimonial did not prove that your course worked effectively for the problem you wanted it to solve nor give enough details to make a real impact on your prospect.

Here’s a typical example of a good testimonial

“After going through the course, I got a Social Media Management job with a software company that pays me a 6 figure salary monthly”

So, how do you know if a testimonial is good enough for your sales copy to convert?

Let’s get into details, for a testimonial to be effective, it needs to have the following features.

  • It must be filled with benefits not just “Your course really helped my life” or “I love the course, It’s as if it shouldn’t stop” or “I gained a whole lot from your course”. 
  • It must verify the transformation you claimed your course will offer. Something like, “This course made me earn my first $100,000.
  • It must come with the names of the students. This will help in creating more trust in prospects.
  • It should set your products apart from your competitors. Something like “I had bought several courses on social media marketing but none of them really helped me start my career in social media marketing except this course”

#4. Tell them what they have to lose

People avoid pain and loss as much as possible so adding a little negativity to your sales copy is important for effective conversion of the copy. 

For example,

“You don’t need to take this course if you are okay with how your finances are right now. It’s not everyone that wants to make 7-figures monthly anyways”.

The touch of negativity will make them know what will happen to them if they fail to enroll in the course. 

#5. Create a Sense of Urgency

The human mind takes time to evaluate a situation and then take action. But when you add urgency to the mix, things get interesting.

You want to book a flight and you know that only one seat is left until next week. What would you do? You will book right away without thinking twice.

The longer a prospect ponders over whether to buy your course, the more likely it is that they’ll talk themselves out of it.

Making prospective students feel as if they’re about to miss out on or lose a great opportunity is a powerful way to drive conversions and sales of your course.

Let’s take a look at this;

“Only 20 seats left for this powerful course, once the seats are taken, the course registration will be closed till next year”

Here are power words you can use to create a sense of urgency in your sales copy.

  • ​​NOW
  • ONLY
  • RUSH

#6. Always End with a Call To Action

If you don’t ask for something in life, it rarely just falls into your lap. Ask the reader to take action at the end of your sales copy. Include specific instructions on the next step. That’s exactly what a call to action does.

A call to action or a CTA is a written directive used in marketing campaigns. It helps encourage Prospective Students to take the desired action. 

Tips to Write Call To Action for your Sales Copy to Convert

  • Use a strong command verb to start your CTA – Let your audience know exactly what you want them to do, and don’t dilly dally. E.g “Reserve your spots today for the social media marketing course”
  • Use longer words in your call to action to provoke emotions. 
  • Give your audience a reason why they should take the desired action – This will tie in heavily with your value proposition. E.g “Register today and join the millionaire club”
  • Try to be more creative + Think about what will make a prospective student make that purchase decision.

In Conclusion,

Your sales copy will be specific to your course, but this post is just to give you an idea of how to write an effective sales copy for your online course.

In the end, you are the one that knows your target audience the most. 

As you are following these guidelines, make sure that at every step of the way you are keeping your target audience in mind, speaking directly to them based on what you know about them and your industry.