How to Upload Online Video Courses With Selar

Online video courses are a good way to connect with your audience and teach what you know. Watching videos via the internet is one of the most popular activities for online audiences worldwide, and users in the United States make no exception.

Online video has become increasingly integrated into the daily lives of online users and has overlapped with areas normally reserved for traditional television viewing according to Statista.

Hence, online video courses are here to stay. Continue reading to discover how you can upload your video courses on Selar and start selling.

How to Upload Video Courses on Selar

Follow these easy steps to create an online store and upload your video course on Selar.

Step 1: Sign up on Selar to create your online store

Click the signup button at the top right corner of the website and enter your details. You can also sign up using your social media accounts. Choose an option that most suits you.

Step 2: Set up your bank details for your online store


Enter the bank account details we’ll make payouts when you make sales on your Selar store. While Selar supports over six currencies today, all you need is your local bank account, and we will convert the funds to your local currency and credit that account using very favorable FX rates.

Step 3: Choose your product type

After saving your account info, the next step is to add your products. You can upload file sizes up to 750MB. And if you want more space, you can upgrade to our paid plan at ₦8,000/$20 per month.

Step 4: Add product info

Upload the product image and fill in the name, price, description, and other product information you’d like your customers to see. You can add other details like struck-out prices to show price discounts.

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Handling digital products

If you’re uploading a digital downloadable product, you’ll have the option to upload the file directly so users get to either download the file immediately after the purchase or read it online (If it’s an ebook).

You can also make various customizations to your product, e.g making it a pre-order product, customizing the URL, and setting a redirect URL (perhaps you have a funnel-like process).

Once you’re done entering all the product details, click the “Post product” button, to publish the product. You’ll also have a direct link to the product, so you can share that product link or your general store link.

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You’re Live on Selar

Once you’ve done all this, you have a dashboard that displays your username and unique store link which you can share with your customers on social media, email, or any channel you want.

From your dashboard, you can make changes to your store and manage your student’s data. You can start selling online immediately and receive payments from customers all over the world in the supported currencies which include United State dollars (USD).

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For more guidance, here’s a quick walkthrough of how you can upload your video courses on Selar.

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