5 Video Editing App For Online Courses

There was a time when you had to possess a professional camera to take pictures or record videos. But now, phone cameras have taken over. As a result, there’s also a need for a suitable video editing app.

Whether you need the best video editing app for Android or iOS, here’s a list of top apps suitable for both devices.


PowerDirector Video Editor App on the App Store

Thinking of creating cinematic-style movies or videos? Or you simply want to combine clips of your exciting moments? PowerDirector is your go-to video editor because of its amazing features.


  • Edit and export videos in up to 4K resolution
  • Produce fast-forward or slow-motion videos with speed adjustment
  • Fix shaky cam footage with video stabilizer
  • Produce eye catching intros with animated titles
  • Upload straight to YouTube and Facebook e.t.c.


video editing apps

KineMaster is a great video editing app. However, you need some video editing experience to operate this app.


  • Color adjustment tools to correct and enhance videos and images
  • Add and combine multiple layers of videos, images, stickers, special effects, e.t.c
  • Reverse your videos
  • Add voiceovers, background music, voice changers, and sound effects.
  • Editing tools to trim, splice, and crop your video e.t.c


video editing apps

Funimate app allows you to create PRO edits very quickly. In addition, it provides you with unique and advanced editing features. It is also user friendly thereby allowing for easy operation.


  • Video mask and AI effects
  • Intro and outro effects
  • Add music to videos
  • Awesome transitions for transitions 
  • Video merge, cut and trim e.t.c


We all have those days when we need clean videos for social media profiles. In such periods, InShot is the app for you.

video editing apps


  • Pro video trimmer and cutter
  • Merge multiple clips in one
  • Crop video and export in HD quality
  • Fit videos and photos in any aspect ratio e.t.c.

Adobe Premiere Rush

This video editing app allows you to create videos that look and sound professional. In addition, your videos come out exactly how you want them.

Adobe Premiere Rush 2021 Free Download


  • Pro quality videos
  • Easy eiting and video effects
  • Customized animated titles
  • Multitrack timeline to edit videos 

In conclusion, you need an effective video editing app to get your work done. Therefore, the list above is a great way to get started.

Which of the listed apps is your favorite?