How to Easily Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel

Having a sales funnel is an essential part of marketing. It is an effective way to attract prospects, nurture them into leads, and then into customers.

Additionally, it helps move all your leads through your sales process which eventually results in sales.

Despite its benefits many business owners still struggle with sales funnels, especially driving traffic to them.

But not for long anymore.

In this article, we’d talk about the best ways to drive traffic to your sales funnels using all your media channels.

Let’s get started.

How to Drive Traffic to Your Sales Funnel

Follow these steps to drive high-quality traffic to your sales funnel.

#1. Offer lead magnets

A lead magnet is a free product or item given to potential buyers to lure them to you. By giving out free products, you have a greater chance to capture the attention of your audience, collect their email addresses, and pitch your paid products to them.

The great thing about using lead magnets is the awareness it brings to your business by helping you generate more qualified leads. These qualified leads eventually become paying customers.

50% of marketers who start using lead magnets report higher conversion rates than those who didn’t.

This is why lead magnets are an essential part of your marketing strategy. When you offer something of value, your customers get what they want, you get emails and everyone wins.

Lead magnets can be ebooksmini-courses, white papers, reports, case studies, discounts/offers, or even a trial subscription.

When you create a lead magnet, share it across all your media platforms to increase awareness. Run paid ads to increase your reach and get more people to discover your valuable products. When people see it as a free and valuable product, they become excited to give you their email addresses if that’s all it takes.

More so, the more people see your product, the more they are likely to enter your sales funnel. Combine this with a great content strategy, and you’re on your way to increasing the number of people who get into your funnel.

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#2. Share free content on social media

A rule of thumb in marketing is to go where your audience is and market to them. There are about 4.70 billion users on social media which equates to 59% of the world’s population.

How much of this traffic are you directing to your sales funnel?

People go on social media for a variety of reasons. For education, entertainment, inspiration, or commerce. Brands that share relevant content have no problem luring users to their sales funnel.

So, share content that shows your expertise in your subject field and helps your audience solve a problem.

It doesn’t have to be a long list of how-tos or a blog post. You can switch things up by releasing podcasts or short videos or IG carousels. The type of content you create is important. But what’s more important is that the content you create is valuable to your audience.

#3. Run ads

Running ads is another way to get more traffic to your funnel. It helps to supplement your organic traffic by increasing your content reach.

Run ads for various stages of your funnel. For the top of the funnel, your ad should capture attention by speaking about a common problem. This sparks interest in your prospect and causes them to want to know more.

More so, social platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Linkedin, or search engines like Pinterest, Youtube, and Google create opportunities for you to target your ideal clients, split test messages & graphics between them, and get more opt-ins than ever before.

We recommend that you run ads on your content or lead magnet as a way to generate leads. Then use the content strategy through your funnel to convert those leads to customers. Trying to sell directly to cold traffic without any prior offer rarely works, and has a low conversion rate.

Again, the goal is to drive as much traffic as possible to your sales funnel. So if you have to pay Zuckerberg to do it, you can as well start now.

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#4. Place an opt-in form on your website

Another effective way to drive traffic to your sales funnel is to create an email opt-in and place it on your website.

Oftentimes, creators are quick to use link-in-bio tools for social media as a way to capture new sign-ins. However, social media isn’t your only contact point with your audience.

Think about all the possible ways your audience can find you and focus on staging a resource at each point that lures them into your email list.

One way to do this is by placing an opt-in form on your website. With great SEO, Google will make you get seen by more people.

However, remember that people wouldn’t readily opt in to be a part of your list. So give them an offer they can’t resist. Attach your lead magnet to your opt-in form and let them know what they stand to lose.

#5. Invest in SEO

SEO, known as Search Engine Optimization, is a technique that involves ranking on search engines, e.g Google. It is a great way to drive organic traffic to your sales funnel.

Customers rely on Google for quality recommendations on everything. And Google in turn rewards brands with high-quality content and good SEO strategy by bringing them to their customers.

Typically, customers end up clicking the first few links on Google’s first page to find solutions to their problems.

And if you do great SEO, you join the list.

Ultimately, the higher your pages rank organically on Google, the more traffic will be driven to your sales funnel.

Hence, we recommend you start a blog to write about topics in your industry. You can get a domain name, or start writing on Medium, and at the end of the article, include an offer as an incentive to your readers.

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#6. Create thought-provoking landing pages

Another effective way to drive traffic to your sales funnel is to create simple but thought-provoking landing pages with an opt-in box.

While trying to increase the number of people who come into your sales funnel, it’s important to know that your landing page can either make or break your promotion efforts.

A landing page shows your offer, what your brand is about, and the benefits your users stand to gain outrightly. As a result, when you create a landing page, it needs to be clear, simple, and effective.

With Selar’s page builder feature, you can create ideal landing pages designed to drive traffic to your funnel and convert prospects to customers. The best part? It’s easy to use with no technicality required.

To build an effective and successful landing page, you should have the right elements on the page. The most effective sales pages contain two most important things – text and elements.

The texts, also known as copy, are written to compel the reader to take action. While the elements further complement the copy in influencing the reader to take action.

#7. Include call-to-actions (CTAs) on your copy

CTAs are often used to encourage a user to take action. In marketing, it is used to convert a reader/visitor to a lead and ultimately a paying customer.

CTAs are effective in marketing that it has an average click-through rate of 4.23% which is better than the click-through rate of Google Ads.

Generally, CTAs can vary depending on the content goal and are usually in the form of clickable buttons or texts that direct users to do something.

Here are some tips for writing effective CTA copy to drive traffic to your email list;

  • Keep it short
  • Personalize your copy. Personalized CTAs perform 202% better than generic CTA.
  • Use button CTAs. The average click-through rate for button CTAs is 5.31%.
  • Define the next step. What do you want your users to do?
  • Add an element of urgency if possible.

So when you send out emails, give out a lead magnet, or share valuable content online, always include CTA’s in your copy. Emails with a single call-to-action increased clicks by 371% and sales by 1617%.

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#8. Host Webinars

While webinars can also be identified as lead magnets, they are a great way to show people what you know and get them into your sales funnel.

Host conversations with like-minded people and ask people to register to have exclusive access to it. Once they register they enter your sales funnel.

This means they receive value from your webinar, get access to the recordings (if any), get a free gift that comes with the webinar (if any), and receive more content from you that influences their decision to buy from you in the future.

The good thing with webinars is that it has a high conversion rate of 55% and helps you generate high-quality leads. This is often because prospects have seen you give value upfront and are willing to stick with you.

To get the best out of webinars; choose a common painpoint topic, promote it well ahead of time, and choose the best presentation format. Consumers say that the most engaging webinar format is a presentation that teaches them how to do something specific.

So if you haven’t, add webinars to your traffic generation strategy.

#9. Partner with influencers

Influencers are known to have a large following and wider reach. Hence, if you’d like to drive traffic to your sales funnel, you may want to consider partnering with influencers.

Celebrity endorsements were the original forms of influencer marketing, however, influencer marketing has evolved over time. Now, social media content creators with niche audiences are now influencers and have become more valuable to brands who work in similar industries.

These smaller accounts, also known as micro-influencers have more engagements on social media and are more cost-effective.

Take advantage of this opportunity by partnering with influencers to increase your content reach and create more awareness for your brand. This always translates into people entering your funnel.

#10. Use video marketing

The last strategy for driving traffic to your sales funnel is by using video content. 83% of video marketers say that video helps them with lead generation, while 87% say that it has increased traffic to their website.

This means that more people are interested in video content than other forms of content.

Record Instagram reels, Youtube shorts, and TikTok videos to share your expertise and get more people to know you. We recommend using videos when reaching out to a new audience, especially when sharing how-to content.

The idea is this, when people watch your video, depending on the quality, they become interested in your brand. Now, if you have a call-to-action at the end of your video that directs them to take action, they’d want to take it. Mostly because they look forward to watching more videos.

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What’s Next?

It’s time to drive traffic to your sales funnel using the tips listed above. Use all media channels which serve as a contact point for your audience as an opportunity to get more people into your sales funnel.

A sales funnel wouldn’t exist if there was no one to enter the funnel. To get these people, you need an audience. Remember, an audience can be your email list subscribers, blog readers, podcast listeners, social media followers, etc. Until you get people to your sales funnel, there’d be nobody to market to.

To recap, here’s how to drive traffic to your sales funnel;

  • Offer lead magnets
  • Share free content on social media
  • Run ads
  • Place an opt-in form on your website
  • Invest in SEO
  • Create thought-provoking landing pages
  • Include CTAs on your copy
  • Host webinars
  • Partner with influencers
  • Use video marketing

Try out Selar’s page builder to build landing pages for your sales funnel and host your lead magnet on Selar. It’s the easiest way to get work done without doing work.