How To drive traffic with Facebook Ads

How to drive traffic to your business via Facebook Ads

As a way of creating visibility for businesses online via its platform, Facebook keeps innovating and adding more customer / business friendly features, such as the Market place and Advertising feature. 

With more than 30 million active Facebook business pages, Facebook helps businesses reach potential customers via it’s advertising feature. Business owners, entrepreneurs, and creatives can increase their visibility, by paying to sponsor their posts in the form of adverts (known as Facebook ads). The Ads are created using Facebook Ads manager, and it targets users based on their demography, interest, location and behaviour.


It is important to understand why you want to create Ads, what type of Ads, for what business and who the ads is targeted at. With Facebook Ads, you can create ads for one of the following reasons: to create awareness, consideration and conversions. With Facebook, you can create ads to promote your page, a post and even direct people to your landing page or website.

Awareness Ads are run to introduce new people to a business or brand, these Ads are created for;

  • Reach
  • Awareness

Consideration Ads are run to engage potential customers who are already considering the kind of product or service your business offers, these ads are created for:

  • Traffic
  • Engagement
  • App installs
  • Video views
  • Lead generation
  • Messages

Conversion Ads are designed to drive sales by advertising to an audience ready to buy, and these ads are created for:

  • Conversion
  • Store traffic
  • Catalog sales


Facebook shows your ads to your target audience across it’s family of apps; Facebook, Instagram, Messenger, and the Facebook Audience Network (Blogs and Apps).

This means that you have the ability to reach customers across all those platforms from using a single platform. However, you can also choose to exclude any of the platforms where Facebook can show your ads, meaning that you get to determine where Facebook shows your ad always. You can choose to show your ad across all its platforms, a combination of two or three, or even just one platform.



The first step to driving traffic to a business with Facebook ads is to adequately plan your advertising campaign. This is an important step to help you define everything from your offer down to your target audience. Crafting your content and designing creatives for your Ads.


This is where you properly define what you want to offer your target audience. Once you get clear on your offer, your messaging is clearer and you can properly communicate why they should click on your ad. Your offer can be a free access, low-priced product, survey, info session, etc. Typical best practice is to create a lead magnet that easily attracts your potential customers to your offer. Thinking what a lead magnet is? It’s a simple digital product or service that can be easily accessed by potential customers and gives them a taste of the transformation your product offers, as well as giving them the first experience of your brand.


Clearly write out your target audience using identifiers such as location, age, interests, and behaviour. If a 35 year old who is interested in Forbes and is an admin of a Facebook page is very likely to be interested in entrepreneurship related products and services.


After clearly defining your offer and target audience, you will be better informed on the best platforms to show your ad. You can use a combination of Facebook and Instagram, Facebook only, and more.


This is the point where you write out the exact words your audience will read when they see your ad. From your headline to description, your copy can make or mar your advertising campaign. You can make use of tools such as and so as to draft professional ad copy for your offers.


Much like your copy, your creative also determines whether or not your ad campaign will be successful. Your creative is simply the pictures and videos your potential audience will see. Your creative grabs their attention. You can get a good design using platforms like You can also hire a graphics designer or video editor to produce a professional design and video to promote your offer.


Your landing page is essential as it is the first page people see after clicking on your ad. Make sure your landing page is properly set up and congruent with your ad on Facebook. You can create landing pages for your offers using Selar’s landing page builder. It is available to everyone on the paid plan…


Once you have completed the basic steps of setting up your ad, the next thing is to publish it via Facebook’s Ads Manager. The Ads Manager is the central platform Facebook created for business owners to launch their ads from. Facebook ads manager is available on both computers and mobile phones. However, you will have a better experience if running it from your computer.

First thing to do in ads manager is click on Create Campaign

Choose your campaign objective

Choose your ad details; what time you want it to run and how much you want to spend

Define your target audience

Choose your placements

Upload your creative

Input your ad copy

Click on publish.


You can pay for your ads using your Naira debit card or a virtual dollar card. Facebook tends to reject a lot of Naira debit cards. Up until this publication, Facebook still accepts ALAT by Wema Bank’s Naira debit card to pay for ads. Virtual dollar cards also work seamlessly to pay for your Facebook ads. You can get a virtual dollar card from and fund it for your Facebook advertising needs.