From Struggling Student to One Million Naira Per Month: The Success Story of Success Mba

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This week, we turn the lights on Success Mba, a seven-figure Affiliate Marketer, Digital Creator, and Crypto Trader

Let’s get to know him, shall we?

Can we meet Success Mba?

My name is Mba Success Oluomachukwu. I am a course creator and pro trader. I trade cryptocurrency, forex, and funded accounts.

What was your career journey like before becoming a Crypto trader and Affiliate Marketing expert?

I studied Petroleum Engineering in school and graduated in 2018. I had issues in school which affected my results so it was delayed for 2 years. I wasn’t able to get my results or go for service. I was just stuck. 2020 came and it was COVID. Everything became worse and I couldn’t even get a job. I was just at home until one day I came across Affiliate Marketing in March 2021. I started it and also started learning crypto trading while doing Affiliate marketing. 

How did you get started with crypto trading and affiliate marketing?

I found out about crypto trading from a friend who was also my coursemate. This was around late 2020, towards early 2021. I saw it on his status. I asked him about it and he was very receptive. 

He gave me some materials to study and I had YouTube. YouTube helped me to learn faster about crypto trading. From there, I downloaded the finance app and he taught me how to do fundamental analysis and technical analysis. That was how I started investing in crypto. But, crypto trading didn’t give me much money because it needed lots of funds for trading which I didn’t have. So I just had the knowledge.

In March 2021, another friend of mine, Blessing, told me about Affiliate Marketing. I saw it on her status and asked her to explain it to me, which she did. And that was how I started Affiliate Marketing. 

As I was making money from Affiliate marketing, I invested the funds I made into crypto trading and forex trading. As I grew, I shared my experiences online. How I was able to close deals with high ticket clients, trading strategies, and lots more. Then people started asking me plenty of questions, requesting that I mentor them and teach them how I was able to produce results. From answering their questions and teaching them, I built a community on WhatsApp. 

Over time, I knew I couldn’t manage everyone coming to me. So I thought of creating a course to solve that problem. I didn’t know how I was going to sell it either. I had been seeing Selar online but I wasn’t sure what it was. I called a friend to explain to me what it was. He gave me a brief explanation and told me to go and register on Selar. I signed up for the pro plan, created my course, and launched it on Selar. The course helped people to know how to make money through trading the financial market and affiliate marketing that I started with first.

Do you have any digital products on sale? 

Yes, I do. I have the Affiliate Marketing Success (AMS) and Grow in Crypto (GIC) courses

What made you decide to create a digital product? 

I am a very interactive person. I share my journeys, challenges, and successes. I am very keen on community building – helping a lot of people win just like I have won. It’s something my mum told me. She said if you help people rise, you’ll not fall. 

As I document my stories and share them, I get DMs and questions from people saying things like: “Success, I want you to mentor me, what is your strategy, how have you been able to do all these figures in a very short period of time?” etc. 

I found out that that was the major challenge for most people and I decided to share my strategies to help them. That was when I had the idea to create a course. 

My courses are just centered on strategies that have helped me over time. I started with Affiliate Marketing Success (AMS). I talked about how I made my first one million through Affiliate marketing. I also talked about organic traffic and paid traffic. When I launched the course, I found out that the product solved a lot of problems. It produced lots of results for people who used it. 

Then through my crypto journey, I created another course, Grow in Crypto (GIC). I found out that money was evolving, and a lot of things have changed from the industrial age to this age we are in (the information age). I just wanted people to know the amazing opportunity that lies in cryptocurrency and trading.

From sports trading to futures trading, NFTs, DeFi, CeFi. It was an eye-opener for a lot of young people who never knew of this opportunity. 

So through the GIC course, people can learn how money has evolved and how they can make so much money in trading, manage their risks and portfolios, and also minimize their losses. 

I’m grateful that I’ve been able to solve a lot of problems for people through my knowledge. 

What was your first digital product?

The Affiliate Marketing Success (AMS).

When did you earn your first money (commission) from creating and selling digital products?

I earned my first money the first day I launched my course. I was afraid because it was a new journey and we tend to be afraid when we start something new. What helped me was the fact that I had a community of people who believed in me. 

The first day I launched the course, I simply told a story. I did a video before the launch and told them I was bringing out this to solve a problem. This made the buyers ready and those who had problems resonated with the fact that the product is coming to solve that problem. I knew the problem my audience was facing, so when I launched it, it was an easy buy. 

The price was just 1,000 Naira. I was afraid and it was my first time. I wanted to know if it’d work for me. In less than 48 hours, I sold like 100 copies. I made my first 100k and I was like “wow.”

My own journey was fast. I made my first 100k from digital products in less than 48 hours. Maybe because the pricing was affordable and it was solving a particular problem. Either way, that’s how it happened. 

What is your sales strategy that other digital creators can employ for their digital products?

There are three strategies. Firstly, understand what your audience needs. You can’t create a product that doesn’t solve a legit problem because course creation is about solving people’s problems.

 If people want to travel to Canada and you have an idea of how to go about it easily, you can create a course on it. Just make sure that you are putting out a product that solves a problem. 

Secondly, your product must be very verified to produce results. A lot of people have made a lot of sales of my products. Most of these sales did not come because I worked for it, most of them came because those who used the product were happy that they did, it produced results for them; it was easy to understand. And because it was viable, they told other people about it. People recommend something that is good. 

My advice to course creators is to put out something that is good, solves a problem, helps people to go from point A to point B, is easy to understand, and people would recommend it to others. Once you understand that, you are good to go.

Lastly, don’t create a trash product, let that product be worth it. Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. If I was a buyer who wants to buy my own product, would I be willing to pay this amount of money? Even if I was and I eventually paid for it, would I be grateful that I bought this course? These are questions I ask myself that help me create a valuable product that naturally sells itself. 

Would you say you leveraged the power of community to make sales as a digital creator?

Through my journey as an affiliate marketer, I have built people (community). and when I was building this community it never for once occurred to me that I would go into course creation. I just wanted to help people just the way I was taught and mentored. 

Most of my mentorships were not free but I was building a community, helping people, and training their abilities to know what affiliate marketing can offer. It was beautiful because it was the first time in my life that I made so much money and I didn’t have to scam anybody.  

I found out that my generation had the wrong ideology towards making money online. They’d prefer to scam people and do Yahoo. But, there are legit ways to make money on the internet. The few people who resonated with me got in and I mentored them. They produced results over time. It was that easy.

Asides from my community, I have also built a list that I market to. Because I’ve built trust with them, it’s very easy to sell to my list.

Also, the course was very affordable – One thousand Naira isn’t a big amount of money. However, because I had built a list, it was easy to make sales. The course was worth more than one thousand Naira. Now it’s 10,500 Naira. 

Over time, we’ve gotten testimonials and the price has gone up gradually. Building community was what helped me indirectly or directly. I wasn’t building the community for the course, I was building it just to help people win just as I have won. I feel like as a result of sowing and reaping, Selar came through.

What’s the average amount you make from digital products and the creator economy?

It varies, but I think it is a Million Naira per month. That is the least I can do. I make a lot of money from digital course creation. 

One of the beautiful things about digital course creation is the fact that if you are able to leverage affiliates and community, you can boost your sales. When you become a digital course creator, you are the first affiliate of the course and the first brand ambassador of your own course. 

Most sales will come to you either actively, through your own efforts, or passively, from other people’s efforts. It is a very beautiful journey if you know what you are doing. 

One time, I made half a million in a day from selling my course. I think I ended up making 800k in two days.

My Selar journey has been beautiful. It is less than two months. I started Selar in July and between August and September and I made over two million Naira. It’s been good. 

Do you have any tips for community building?

My advice would be, if you are just starting out, offer free services. Tell your story and do it with passion, because most people want to make money out of people and the truth is the biggest marketing strategy in the whole world is care and help. 

People naturally gravitate toward those who care about them. Nobody can resist love. Love is the greatest force in the world even though people will deny it, everybody wants to be loved, cared for, and to be intentional about. 

If you are that person that is intentional about building people, it is going to be easy. But it is also going to be challenging and stressful. Some people learn faster, and some people produce results slower. As long as they are in your heart, nothing will stop you. You will just find out that from the ten people you are managing, you have grown it to twenty. Before you know it, you have 100, 200. If 200 people are showing results, you will be able to build more and more. 

Be willing to care about people. Hold meetings to encourage and motivate them. Most times, people know what to do and it may not produce results immediately for them but because you are there for them to listen to their problems, encourage them through the journey and let them know that you believe in them goes a long way for them. 🌟 HAPPY NEW YEAR 🌟.The goal is that the community will be loyal to you.

The benefit of you having a community is the loyalty they have to you. If I want to raise 200 thousand Naira, it is going to be easy for me because I have given so much to my community. It is just like depositing and withdrawing from a bank. I have taught a lot of them how to make money for themselves, I have taught them the mistakes I made and how to avoid them, and I have taught them the strategies they can use to go from point A to point B. So all I just need to do is go to them and say “hey guys I want to raise 200k. Can I get 1k from each person or 10k from 20 people?” 

There are 20 people that are willing to give me 10,000 Naira, I don’t have to ask twice. Because through my knowledge I have helped them make more than twenty times that amount. 

Of course, human beings will always be human beings. But it doesn’t change the fact that the loyalty that they owe me will speak for me. It is like energy transfer. My advice to people is to care about people, be intentional about their growth, and watch them grow, and as they grow, you will grow.

Aside from showing us what being an expert crypto trader and affiliate marketer looks like, what do you do?

I also run a fashion business called Teflin Jade. That is like my physical business. I also invest in real estate and stocks. This is something I learned new. Most of the cash flow I get, I invest in real estate and stocks. It is a long-term investment. I am looking forward to bringing my third course to Selar. It is called the Grow In Stock course. 

It hurts when you keep having to work for money and not have money working for you. I have been learning and investing in big companies like Apple, Netflix, and lots of them. I have been teaching people this. 

One thing I’ve seen that’s difficult for most young people now is how to manage money. I faced the same problem, but thank God, I’ve been able to fix it. Now I look forward to creating a course on it. In fact, I’m already in the process of creating the course. 

I learned a lot through my journey. It is not enough to make money, it is how you manage money and multiply money because you are only rich by the amount you are able to keep and multiply. 

What advice would you give to digital creators in Africa who are inspired by you?

Look for a real problem and solve it. When you solve a common problem, you will make a lot of money. Next, build a list and an audience. You need a list and an audience to sell to. Anybody who is starting out should build a community, and tell their stories and journey. Those who have already started, just build a list and make sure that your product is solving a real problem. If it does not solve a real problem, it may not be in demand. But if it actually solves a problem, it will be in HIGH demand.

Also, use Selar for your digital products. I want to appreciate Selar for this amazing platform, you guys are doing a whole lot of good things. I don’t think I would have made this amount of money if you didn’t give me this platform and I am very grateful, I will never stop being grateful. I will forever tell my stories and my journey.

Start your own journey now. It’s never too late. Turn your knowledge into income and sell it on Selar.