Coupon codes are a great way to offer discounts to your customers and incentivize them to make purchases. It improves sales and is also a good way to reward customer loyalty.

Selar makes issuing and using coupons very easy. You can create a coupon for a specific product, or you can create a coupon that applies to all products on your Selar store.

How to create coupon codes on Selar

From your dashboard, click the three stacked lines beside ‘my account’ to access the coupon option.

coupon codes

From the coupons page, you can change existing coupons or create a new coupon. There are two types of coupons you can create on Selar, Merchant and Product coupon.

Merchant coupon: this is a type of coupon a customer can use for any/all products on your store.

Product coupon: this is a type of coupon a customer can use for only a specific product.

To get started, click on the “create a store coupon” or “create a product coupon” button, enter the code you want, the percentage discount, or fixed amount discount (you can set both), and the quantity. Setting the quantity limits how many people can make a purchase with the coupon code, but if you set it to 0, it will be unlimited.

Click the “create coupon” button when you’re done.

There you have it, your coupon has been generated, now you can share the code with your customers to get the discount you set.

coupon code

Now when your customers are at the checkout form, they can apply the coupon and get the discount.

coupon codes application

PS: You can deactivate or edit the coupon anytime you want from the coupon dashboard.

Here’s a list of creative ideas on how to boost sales with coupons.