Positioning your Business The Right Way on Instagram

It is no doubt that Instagram has fast become a marketplace with different new businesses coming in every day. This is why it’s important to ensure your brand is well positioned in front of an audience that is very much interested in buying from your brand.

Brand positioning on Instagram gives you an edge over your competitors. Also, it makes your brand more desirable and increases your brand’s visibility.

Let’s go over the important strategies you can use to ensure your brand is well positioned and meeting the right audience:

1. Update your Instagram Name

This is one of the important things you should do as a business running on Instagram.

Your Instagram name is not the same as your username. Your username is the name with the @ symbol, while your Instagram name is the one that follows it. You should try to include what your brand does in your name as much as you can. E.g “Beth | Instagram for Business”.

This is because people are on Instagram daily searching for pages of interest to them and in order for your page to be visible, you have to put in the right search term that your audience is looking for. This would largely increase your visibility.

2. Optimize your bio

This is the next logical step. Your bio should clearly show what your brand does and why people should buy from you. Your bio shouldn’t be boring but well optimized and show potential customers you are the right brand for them. A good first step is taking some time to think through the major problem your target audience faces, then present your brand as a solution to that problem through your bio. Your bio should also include a Call-To-Action (CTA) so people know the next step to take.

3. Have a consistent feed

You know the saying “don’t judge a book by its cover”, It doesn’t apply to Instagram. Instagram shoppers largely judge a page by its look. You should ensure your feed is consistent with high-quality pictures and videos relevant to your brand.

4. Show that you’re trustworthy

When a customer trusts your brand and believes that you’re delivering value, it makes it easy to choose your brand over other brands in your industry. Here are a few steps you can implement to effectively boost the trust people have in your brand:

  • Show feedback from previous customers on how your product/service has helped them.
  • Feedback from previous customers who were skeptical about buying from your brand but, eventually did and were satisfied.
  • Show data on how many products you’ve sold or how many people have used your service. You can do any of these in a picture or video format.

5. Post intentional content

The singular way to communicate with your audience on a large scale is through your content. Be intentional with what you want the content to achieve and how you want your audience to react and perceive the content. You can educate your audience and put up promotional posts too.

6. Engage with your potential customers via Instagram stories

The Instagram story is an amazing format for you to communicate with your audience and gather leads. With simple polls, you can easily communicate with your viewers, and show how your brand is the perfect match for them.

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