How To Use Affiliates To Grow Your Sales

With Selar Affiliates you can generate a custom link for your products which an affiliate will make use of

The term Affiliates refers to people or companies who are part of an affiliate program. Being part of an affiliate program means they are willing to earn commissions in order to promote products for people or companies.

Over time, affiliate marketing has proven to be highly effective in driving sales and generating significant revenue. It’s also cost-effective and allows you to pay based on performance. With affiliate marketing, you only pay when a sale is made, and not just for “promotion”.

How does Selar Affiliates Work?

Affiliate marketing typically involves making agreements with your preferred affiliates, deciding on the commission rate, and when they faciliate a sale, you have to track who it’s from and finally remit the commission to them.

We understand how stressful all of that is, that’s why Selar has made the entire process an easy and less daunting one. When you have your products on Selar, all you have to do is add the email address of an affiliate on your dashboard with the commission they should get, Selar will send them a custom link (their affiliate link) to your store, and whenever anyone purchases via their custom link, we automatically split the profit (based on the rate you set), and pay both you and the affiliate automatically. Awesome stuff right?

We really value your profit as a merchant, that’s why we don’t want you breaking the bank on a promotion that won’t result to sales.

The beauty of Selar Affiliates is, when you add your affiliate to your account, they will have a dashboard where they can monitor views they’ve directed to your store, as well as the sales they’ve facilitated. This way, everything is clear to both parties. You also have a view on your dashboard to see the views and sales the affiliate has brought.

How to create an affiliate on your dashboard

  • Log into your Selar account

Once you log into your account, click on the arrow at the top right corner of your page as shown below. When this is done, It drops down a list of options, click on ‘My Affiliates.’

  • Add an Affiliate

Enter the email address of the affiliate you wish to add and also input the commission percentage accruable to such affiliate once sales are made using the customized link.

Once your affiliate has been added, a unique link will be sent through the email provided. This link can then be shared with their audience.

For affiliate emails that aren’t registered on Selar, a mail will be sent alongside a link for them to set up their accounts on Selar and log in.

For every sale made by your affiliates through their unique link, they earn a commission.


Affiliate’s Dashboard

Once affiliates are added to Selar, they have access to a personalized dashboard. This allows them to monitor sales and see the number of views they have brought.

If they haven’t set their bank account credentials, they’ll see a view to setup their bank account information, which will be used for their wallet withdrawals.

They also get notifications via email once a sale has been made with their link.

How do affiliates get their money?

When a sale is faciliated, the affiliate gets their commission settled to their Selar wallet based on the settlement schedule of the currency, a settlement schedule is the time frame it takes for the money to be available after a sale is made. There are different settlement schedules for different currencies, E.g. for Naira (NGN) transactions, the funds become available a day after the transaction, so if an affiliate facilitates a sale in Naira (NGN) today, they’ll have the funds in their Selar wallet tomorrow, and they can withdraw the funds to their bank account right from their dashboard. You can see all the settlement schedules for all currencies here.

Marketing your product through affiliate marketing does not have to be a heinous task. Selar understands this and makes the process easy for all our merchants.

All you need is to follow the aforementioned steps and you are on your way to making massive sales.