1. Product Updates

Helping Ghana and Kenya Sell More Efficiently

This also makes our supported currencies: NGN, GHS, KES, USD & GBP

Photo by Bashar Alaeddin on Unsplash

TL;DR: Selar is now available for Ghanaian and Kenyan merchants.

For a little over a year, we at Selar have been working on making selling in Nigeria as seamless as possible. We have helped thousands of merchants get their products online and reach a larger audience.

We have worked closely with artists, authors, fashion designers, music producers, movie makers and merchants from very diverse sectors to make sure they can sell their creations and products online, get paid, and get their funds directly to their bank accounts in as little steps as possible. It hasn’t been easy, but we have made considerable progress.

Exploring The Rest Of Africa

So far, all the work we have done has only been for the Nigerian merchant space. We have decided to take a bold step, and extend our platform to other African markets, starting with Ghana and Kenya.

What this means is that entrepreneurs in Ghana and Kenya can now upload their products on Selar, make sales, and get payments disbursed directly to their bank accounts.

How We Are Achieving This

We implemented a new wallet system (which we will write about soon) that helps merchants collate all their earnings and make withdrawals at their convenience. We were able to achieve this by partnering with our friends at Rave by Flutterwave.

We have also opened up all the current Selar features to our international merchants. This includes foreign currency payments, pre-ordering, and so on. You can see all our currently available features on this page.

Next Steps

We hope to work closely with a couple of merchants both in Kenya and Ghana to identify pain points and solve problems that are specific to those environments. We will also try to expand into more African countries and replicate the same seamless process of sales we have been able to invent in Nigeria.

Do reach out if you are or know any Ghanaian or Kenyan merchants and you want to work with us. We would love to work with you to make your sales processes better and make you more successful. Get at us on TwitterInstagram or mail us ([email protected]).

It is hard work, but it is fulfilling. Let’s leave a dent on the universe in our own little way.