You Can Now Prevent People From Screen Recording Your Courses on Selar

One of our primary goals at Selar is to help you make money from your knowledge. Not only that, we also want to make sure you get every cent and leave no money to fraudsters, copycat creators, or intellectual property theft. 

We’ve introduced a new feature that helps you prevent people from screen-recording your courses on Selar!

Excited? Happy? Grateful??? You’re welcome!

How it Works

The email address of the viewer is embedded in every video they watch. This means you can track every person who views your videos so that identifying people who use them for fraudulent means would be easier.

So when viewers watch your course hosted on Selar, their email will be embedded in the top corner of the course video (as seen above). 

When a video is screen-recorded, the email will be displayed in the recording, making it easy to trace unauthorized video copying and reselling.

NOTE: This update is only available to Pro/Turbo Subscribers. So subscribe to a Pro/Turbo plan to protect your courses adequately. 

We cannot wait for you to enjoy the benefits that come with this new feature.

Have any questions or need more help? Send us an email at [email protected]. We’re happy to help.

Cheers to doing more together.