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We pride ourself on building features and tools to enable merchants make the most sales and increase their conversions.


International payments

Sell to customers from anywhere in the world from one store. Selar supports six currencies today: (USD, GBP, NGN, GHS, KES & ZAR) .

What's also great is, it's all enabled for you by default when you sign up, you don't have to do anything extra. Simply set your product price in your local currency, and when customers visit your store, they can switch the currency to any of the currencies we support, and we'd do the currency conversion automatically with the most favorable rates for your business.

We also have this sweet little thing where if your customer is visiting from a different country, e.g US, we show their country's currency by default. Lastly, with Selar, you don't need to have multiple domiciliary accounts to sell in multiple currencies, we simply convert all other currencies to your local currency and credit your local bank account/mobile money.

Newsletter integrations

Although we have a CRM that allows you email customers directly from your Selar dashboard, as well as you having the option to export your customers data to csv easily, we still thought it was best to give you an easy way to manage your customers on your mailing provider. With Selar, you can integrate your email newsletter provider, e.g Mailchimp, and we'd automatically push buyer email addresses and names to your selected newsletter list.

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Upsell and Cross-sell

Upselling & Cross-Selling products to your customers can have a huge impact on your sales and value extraction from customers.
Selar makes upselling & cross-selling very easy, and it's baked in by default.
You can recommend products that customers have bought together or products that are similar so your customers can be enticed to buy more.

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This is one of our favorite features! Why pay for "visibility promo" when you can use an affiliate system and reward product promoters based on actual sales they bring in?

Selar makes growing your affiliate network seamless. You can generate an affiliate link for your affiliate by adding their email address and the commission you've agreed on, they'll get an email from Selar with their affiliate link and when anyone buys from their affiliate link, we automatically split the payment, pay you your commission, and pay them their commission. You don't have to do anything extra, just sit back and enjoy.

Another great thing about our affiliate feature is, even the affiliates get their own dashboard page where they can see the views they've brought as well as the sales, so 360 visibility for both parties!

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Automate debiting your customers for any service/product you're providing. With Selar, you can sell subscriptions of any interval (Monthly, quarterly, yearly) to your customers and they'll be automatically charged at the selected intervals.

The most random way we've seen a merchant use subscriptions today is a subscription for a WhatsApp group, we love it! You can sell subscriptions for anything!

Automated follow up

From our data, we can see that customers are most likely to complete their abandoned transaction after a follow up, and that's why we created this.
On Selar, one hour after the customer has abandoned their transaction, we send a follow up email to them saying "Hey, what happened? Do you need any help, here's a link to complete your purchase". We also send you an email with the customers details to you as the merchant so you can also follow up if you want. It's a real game changer.

Event tickets

Sell tickets for all kinds of events: online and offline. With Selar you can also sell tickets for your webinars and trainings.


Get insights into all the details of your store. Page views, abandoned transaction metrics, traffic sources, coupon usage and many more.


Facebook Pixel

If you're running on Facebook/Instagram ads for your Selar store, you should definitely try our Facebook Pixel integration.

Facebook pixel is an analytics tool that allows you to measure the effectiveness of your advertising by understanding the actions people take on your website, so basically it's a tracker for different things people do on your Selar store, and we've made that integration process so seamless.

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Manage all your customer information directly on your dashboard. With our CRM you can also send emails directly from your Selar dashboard to your customers.

Redirect URLs

Do you already have a link you want to redirect users to after their purchase? This is what you need, it's especially useful for click funnel like systems.


Coupon codes are a great way to offer discounts to your customers and incentivize them to make purchases. You can create fixed amount or percentage coupons from your dashboard.