Simple setup

Selar makes it easy for you to to sell your products and grow your customer base.
Selar is simple to setup; Get started in seconds, so you can sell more.


We provide a seamless checkout experience for your customers.
Capture payments from customers and fulfill orders using Selar.

Digital Products

Customers can order and download your digital products right from your Selar page.
So if you have a sweet album or dope art you want to sell, Selar is the best place to earn cash for what you love doing

Recurring Subscriptions

Sell weekly, monthly and yearly subscriptions for your products, and the customer will be charged automatically.

Event Tickets

Organizing an event? Save your time and energy by selling the tickets online with Selar.
Send funds directly to your bank account or mobile money wallet.

Products & Inventory

Share your profile displaying all your products and we’ll let your customers make purchases seamlessly.
Get a designated URL for your store, so that you can easily share links with your customers.
There's no limit to the number of products you can sell in your online store.
Manage your entire product inventory with Selar.

CRM(Customer relationship management)

Follow up with buyers and prospective buyers right from your dashboard.
Selar automatically sends a reminder to buyers after an unsuccessful payment attempt.


An actionable dashboard of your sales, orders, and traffic provides you with valuable insight to help grow your business.
Analyze and gain insight into your store's growth by monitoring the number of visits to your store on a daily basis.

Facebook Pixel

Track the behavior of your customers, and retarget your ads with Facebook Pixel.
Simply set your Facebook Pixel ID on your Facebook Pixel Settings page, and we'll track when a customer: views your page, adds a product to cart, tries to checkout and when a purchase is made.
For all the events/actions listed above, we pass the amount to Facebook Pixel, so you can also track the monetary value. Awesome, right?


Get other people to help market your products while they earn a commission doing so.
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Perfect for clickfunnel payment flows

If you're familiar with click funnels, Selar is the best option for your funnel, you can integrate a redirect that works seamlessly with your funnel.
Selar also provides analytics to give you more insights to your payment funnel.


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