How to Easily Create a Lead Magnet That Converts

Lead magnets are a great way to attract customers, grow your email list, and ultimately make sales.

It works pretty simply. You create a valuable product for your audience which can be ebooks, online courses, templates, worksheets, etc., and in exchange for it, they give you their email addresses.

Think of it as a gift you have to deliver to a friend and all they need to do is give you their house address.

All top creators earning seven figures today have a lead magnet, usually, a free product given to potential customers to lure them into their sales funnel. This shows that using lead magnets works like magic.

This brings us to the juicy part of the deal, “How to create lead magnets that convert.”

In this article, we’ve highlighted 7 actionable steps to help you create lead magnets designed to convert leads to loyal customers.

Let’s get started.

Checklist for Creating a Lead Magnet That Converts

Here are important questions to ask before you create a lead magnet. The aim is to help you gain clarity on how to create a lead magnet.

  • Why am I creating a lead magnet?
  • What purpose do I want this lead magnet to achieve?
  • What target can I have with this lead magnet?
  • What do I want to share in this lead magnet?
  • What results do I expect to get with this lead magnet

For better understanding, read this Ultimate Guide to Using Lead Magnets to Grow Your Online Business

How to Create a Lead Magnet That Converts

The first thing to do before creating a lead magnet is to understand who you are preparing it for and why. Having a clear understanding of this motive helps you to have a definite purpose for which you are producing your lead magnet.

Next, follow these steps to ensure you create a lead magnet designed to convert.

1. Choose a lead magnet idea

Think about the kind of lead magnet you want to create. There are a variety of lead magnet examples to choose from. Some of them include;

  • Ebooks
  • Reports/checklists/templates
  • Webinars/Online courses
  • Free trial
  • Discounts/offers
  • Quiz/survey
  • Assessment/test
  • Sales/material

A trick is to choose what you are most comfortable creating and use it to share maximum value.

Here are some pro tips to keep in mind to help you decide;

  • Simplicity always wins

No matter how much value you intend to give out through the course, a great option is to keep it simple. Lead magnets are often supposed to be easy to get and use. So, the more difficult it is, the less likely it’ll achieve its purpose.

  • Focus on your strengths

A lead magnet should be something you feel comfortable creating. If you prefer writing to teaching, then you should consider creating a long-form guide or ebook. If you prefer teaching on the other hand, then creating a mini-online course or hosting a webinar is a great option for you.

  • Keep it easy to use

You want to create a lead magnet that is easy to consume and provides results. Besides, your major aim for creating a lead magnet is to solve your customer’s problems. It’s best to do so by creating a product they can easily consume.

We’ve written an article on the best lead magnet ideas to help you grow your business. Check it out.

2. Choose a specific topic

Now you’ve decided on the best format for your lead magnet, it’s time to choose what you’ll write about. Your topic should be valuable and specific enough to make your audience interested in what you have to offer.

This means focusing on one topic per lead magnet so your audience knows exactly what they are going to get. For example, if you are a content marketer who wants to create an ebook lead magnet, you can focus on teaching “How to Create a Content Strategy” in your ebook.

A content strategy is an important part of content marketing. This way, you can attract leads into your funnel and nurture them to buy your “Ultimate Guide to Content Marketing” course.

The trick is while choosing a topic that is valuable and solves a problem for your audience, be careful to not choose a topic that is overly valuable and needs to be paid for.

Also, be careful to not choose a topic that can be easily discovered from a few Google searches. The key is to find a balance so you don’t shoot yourself in the leg.

3. Provide optimal value

It’s time to give value. As we like to say, “Value will always return to its source.” The amount of leads you get from your lead magnet is directly proportional to the value contained in it.

The best angle is to offer a solution to the pain point of your audience, something they’re experiencing and need a solution to. Instead of creating something you think they want, figure out what they need.

In this case, the bigger, the better doesn’t work. Don’t think about creating a 125-page ebook on how to make money from affiliate marketing when you can summarize your points in 5 to 10 pages.

The aim is to find a common problem your audience faces and create a solution for them. The quicker the better.

4. Create content around your lead magnet topic

It’s time to research deeply about your topic. Dive deeper to discover hidden gems that can be solutions for your audience.

There are lots of generic content available today. To make your lead magnet stand out, write from your experience. There’s no need to regurgitate content on Google. Think about the unique ways you’ve done things and write about that in your lead magnet.

You can also choose to reference data or statistics to help buttress your point, and research keywords to help you direct organic traffic to your product. You can also look at your competitors and create something of higher value.

After your research, start creating. Some creators prefer to write an outline of the content or record a draft before creating the main product. How you choose to create is entirely up to you. But a good strategy is to let your creativity flow before you fine-tune them.

💡Did you know Ebooks are the most popular lead magnet, with 27.7% of marketers using them, 24.9% using webinars, and 21.3% using free tools?


5. Edit & proofread

After you have a full draft of your content, it’s time to edit it. Go over your content to ensure there are no mistakes. You can add more ideas, remove something that’s irrelevant at the moment, rewrite some lines, or include some links. You can also have someone else edit the document for you.

To help you do a good job, first read the lines out loud to catch friction in any sentence, then use a tool like Grammarly to check for typos and grammatical errors. (psst..everyone uses Grammarly).

Another pro tip is to edit & proofread your draft 24 hours after you’ve written it. This way your brain is fresh and sharp enough to spot any errors. Remember, the aim is to do away with as much fluff as possible.

6. Design and package

Now it’s time for you to design and package your lead magnet. Luckily, there are lots of ways to make your product look professional without spending so much money.

For an ebook, you can use Microsoft Word or Google Docs to format your texts. You can also use these tools to include images or format your data to make it look more presentable. Canva is another available tool that you can use to design all kinds of files. It allows you to creatively design your lead magnet to ensure it looks professional.

PRO TIP: SAVE TIME, Use Selar’s already-created Canva templates to design your products and make them look professional.

In general, before you use a tool to format your lead magnet, be sure you can get the best results you desire. More so, your lead is coming to you for the information contained in your product, not the design.

7. Share your lead magnet

The final step is to share your lead magnet. Make sure to upload it on Selar as a product and distribute it. You can add it to your online store or even create a separate page for it and use it to collect emails.

After you’ve hosted it on Selar, talk about it on Social Media and direct traffic to your online store to get your product. If you run ads, be sure to direct your ad traffic to the product. Leverage all media channels to distribute your lead magnet.

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What’s next?

Take charge of your online business today. Use Selar to distribute your lead magnet and collect emails like crazy. To recap, here are the 7-point steps to creating a lead magnet designed to convert.

  • Choose a lead magnet idea
  • Choose a specific topic
  • Provide optimal value
  • Create content around your lead magnet topic
  • Edit & proofread
  • Design and package
  • Share your lead magnet

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