why-you-should-pre-launch-your-course-before-creating It

Why You Should Pre-launch Your Course Before Creating It

Pre-launching your course before creating it is the best way to avoid the unfortunate situation of creating a course that nobody wants.

Most creators are in a hurry to launch their products, thereby skipping the validation stage which is pre-launching.

Pre-launching your course or any product at all helps you to know if your course is a good match for your audience, and also gives you areas of improvement.

In this article, we’ll discuss why pre-launching your course is a good way to make more money.

Why you need to pre-launch your course

Here are a few reasons pre-launching your course is

  1. Pre-launching your online course also helps you validate if the idea is needed in the market and gives you room to make some money even before launching your online course.
  2. Pre-selling your online course makes you sell more units of your online course and boost your brand visibility.
  3. Pre-launching your course helps you to understand the questions and problems your potential students may have.
  4. Pre-launching helps your students because they end up with a course that fully answers all their questions.

Advantages of pre-launching your course

Pre-launching your course before creating is a great way to build the right audience for your course: the type of audience that’s interested in your teachings and are already anxious about your proposed course, the type of audience that will most likely tell their friends and colleagues about your course. 

Here, are 6 notable benefits you get from pre-launching your course before creating it

Financial Fluidity

As the name implies, pre-launch means you accept payment before you create your course.

By selling your course upfront, you can use the revenue from the sales to fund your course creation and marketing process.

Such a process might include paying hosting platforms (e.g selar.co) to host your course pre-launch, running sponsored ads on social media, paying influencers, getting tools for your course creation, etc.

In case you need to know more about how to host your course on selar.co, click here.

Course Idea Validation

You can never be truly assured that a course will sell just because you think it will.

When you pre-launch your course, it creates an avenue for you to see if your course idea is exactly what your audience needs.

Gathering suggestions from your audience and including them in your course will ensure your course idea is valid and worth creating.

One way to gather your audience’s suggestions is by asking directs questions on your social media pages, websites, your email messages etc

Another way is to use online survey tools like Survey Monkey, Type Form, Google Forms.

Boosts Content Creation on Your Platforms Which increase your Audience

Whenever you are pre-launching a course, it’s advisable to warm up your audience and educate them on the topic so that they can trust that you are good enough to take them through such a topic.

In the course of warming up your audience and giving them titbits from the course, you tend to put more content on your platforms e.g Instagram, Facebook, Email List, Twitters, etc.

By doing so, your audience will start seeing you as an expert in that topic.

This will not only create awareness for your course but also increase your brand visibility and also more loyal followers and buying crowd.

Saves Your Time and Resources

I bet you won’t want to waste your time creating videos and preparing a course that nobody will buy? 

When you pre-launch your course, people have already paid for your product in advance so you know that you have been paid for the course you are creating in advance.

And if it’s the other way around that you pre launch your course and no one is interested in it.

Then, you already save yourself the time and money that would have been spent in creating such a course. The energy and fund can be diversified to grow your business in other ways.

Increase Your Course Sales Rate

When you pre-launch your course, you create a pre-launch offer which is often lower than the real price of the course. And most often this price goes back to normal after a set date. 

This form of urgency gives your audience the reason to take action as fast as possible.

Authentic urgency which is built during pre-launch will increase your sales rate because customers would fear missing out from buying during the pre-sale offer.

Who would not take a promo offer after all?!!

Demystifying your fears about pre-launching your course.

Most creators fear to pre-launch their course because of some reason.

The reasons sound valid but the advantage of pre-launching your course before creating it outweighs these fears. Here I will be demystifying some of those fears.

Won’t it be too stressful for me, what if I couldn’t get to deliver the course to everyone that paid?

All you need to do is to automate your pre-launch funnel. A very good platform that can be used to automate your pre-launch is selar.co.

It takes all the stress off you from payment to delivery of the course. You don’t need to be afraid of not delivering to anyone that paid because selar.co does everything for you.

Once you’ve created a preorder product on selar.co, you direct customers to pay via your product link on Selar.

You will get email notifications each time someone makes payment and you will also be notified once our launch date is close.

Once you’ve launched, all you need to do is just to upload the product on selar. Customers will be notified that the product they preordered for is available.

My competitors might steal my course idea and launch theirs even before mine?

As much as this sounds valid but that should not stop you from pre-launching your course.

Yes! Your competitors will be watching but it doesn’t worth you not validating your course before creation.

However, you can present your course in a manner that your competitors won’t have a clue about what’s in the course except if they buy it.

By Pre-launching your course does not mean you should show everyone everything the course entails.

Just a sneak peek to wet your audience’s taste buds is okay.

What if I can’t deliver the course on the date I promised to?

The best thing ever is to make sure you deliver the course on the day you promise, but, we know things happen and you might not meet that deadline due to certain circumstances but it’s not a fear that should hinder you from pre-launching your course.

In this case, all you need to do is to make sure everyone that bought during the prelaunch gets a notification alert beforehand.

Customers are not ogres. They understand that things go wrong and they are prepared to wait for a while.


By now, you shouldn’t be contemplating whether to prelaunch or not. Skipping the pre-launch process will put you at the risk of creating products no one will buy. 

Pre Launching is still by far the greatest method you need to follow if you want to have massive sales of your online course. 

However, creating a pre launch of your course would be easy if you make use of a course hosting platform such as selar.co.

Would you love to know the best-proven steps to pre-launch your course? Then, Stay in the loop and watch out for the second part of this blog post where we will show you exactly how to pre-launch your course.