5 Tips For Creators New to Social Media Marketing (from successful creators)

The journey to making your first sale can be a long one if you don’t know what to do. After creating the product, you discover that’s the easy part, and the difficulty is in marketing your product so well that your customers can literally recite the title.

Even worse, you’ve studied your favorite creators but you still don’t know where or how to start. Social media is huge, if you don’t know your way around, you get lost.

Luckily, you aren’t the first person to do social media marketing. There are other creators who have gone through this journey, picked up a thing or two, and are happy to share.

In this article, we feature tips from creators making massive sales from their digital products and succeeding at social media marketing.

1. Take your audience along on your journey

One of the hacks for social media marketing is knowing that your audience is everything. You can’t sell without an audience, and you can’t grow as a brand without a community.

Don’t just create a product and dump it in their faces, call it “marketing,” and still expect them to buy from you.

“I always carry my audience along when I’m creating any product or launching anything. With my clients, I tell them to ask their audience to suggest a name for the digital product they are working on or ask them to be a part of the product. Maybe design the cover or anything else. 

This strategy always works because when people are a part of something, they pay more attention to it and feel obligated to patronize it and share it with other people,” Yai says.

“Share your process with people when you want to release a product. It doesn’t have to be the nitty-gritty of your creative process but use engaging stories to communicate your experience. Let people know this is something that you’re trying out, even if it’s a tweet here and there, and build anticipation in a certain way. I used this strategy for my second book and it worked like magic,” says Mitchelle Chibundu.

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2. Focus on your conversion rate

As a marketer, one of the primary metrics to focus on is your conversion rate. How many people see your ad? How many of them give you their emails in exchange for a lead magnet? Do they eventually pay for a product or service you own or recommend?

“It’s not just about the number of audience you have, it is about your conversion rate. A lot of people are so interested in the number of followers they have that they end up doing crazy stuff like buying followers/contacts, and at the end of the day, they make zero sales. Much more than the numbers, build conversion skills,” says Tanumcreations.

Your evidence as a marketer is your conversion rate. Luckily, for digital products, there’s no standard conversion rate as it varies depending on your product, industry, pricing, and much more. However, anywhere from 2% – 5% is considered average, while a 10% – 12% conversion rate is considered good for lead-generation landing pages and digital products. 

If you want to be in the top 10 percent of people with a high conversion rate, aim for anything from 15% and above. Some creators even have conversion rates as high as 30% – 50% and as low as less than 2%.

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3. Be consistent

“Consistency isn’t showing up every day. It’s showing up when you say you will. When people come to my page, they will read the pieces that I posted last year and be so glad that they came across my page.

The work you’re putting out right now isn’t just for this moment, it’s for the future. So keep putting in the work. Don’t just show up one day and disappear.” says Comfort (Phoenixblvck).

You don’t need to post every day to produce good results. Create a schedule for yourself and stick to it.

Let people know that they can bank on something that you are doing. Even if you’re just writing articles once a month, and you’re sharing that consistently, you’ll gradually build an audience and your community.

So when you say this is a product you’re creating, you already have a handful of people who expect your work and will buy the product. You would have already earned their trust over time and built a community with them in it.” says Mitchelle.

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4. Be visible

Visibility simply means making people aware of what you know. It involves sharing who you are and building a personal brand online.

In Uche Ugo’s words, “Be more visible. Nobody would know what you have to offer if you are not visible.”

But visibility comes with consistency and branding. To become a world-class creator, you must first understand your purpose, then;

  • Define your niche
  • Find your own voice or style. 
  • Network with people who are doing the same thing as you do
  • Speak a lot about what you know or do. The more you do this, the more you live rent-free in people’s minds. 
  • Repeat number 4
  • Collaborate with other creators

Branding is important for anyone to achieve their goals because it helps to create a distinct identity for the creator and their products/services.

A well-crafted brand image sets a business apart from the competition, earns customer loyalty, and increases customer engagement, leading to a higher lifetime value for the customers.

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5. Repurpose your content

Lastly, consistently creating high-quality content is hard. That is why creators are burned out and there are lots of abandoned social media pages.

A good way to solve this is to repurpose your content. “When it comes to creating content, people think that they have to be doing something new every single day. That’s not true. For me, I repurpose lots of the content I have, so there’s no need to create new content every day.

That’s the big secret to showing up every day because you can create one content and use it in different formats. 

You can transcribe a video into an ebook and turn it into a lead magnet, or you can transcribe the video into an entire blog post or break it down into several blog posts or break it down into several social media posts. 

Showing up and creating content is great. Having content on multiple platforms is awesome, but you don’t have to create brand-new, unique pieces of content to put on these different platforms all the time. You can easily take what you have and repurpose it to share more content and grow a community.” Edirin Edewor said.

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Learn how to market your product on social media and enjoy its returns. Use these tips to guide your marketing efforts so you can get the best results!

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