How To Increase Digital Product Sales With Affiliate Marketing

As a product owner, the success of your product depends on your ability to reach and engage your target audience.

While there are countless strategies for promoting your products, affiliate marketing is an easy way to get more for less.

According to Forbes, affiliate marketing is now responsible for more than 15% of e-commerce sales. That puts it at the same level of email marketing.

But we’re not here to tell you what you already know as a merchant interested in affiliate marketing. We’ll just share practical tips to help you boost sales with affiliate marketing, so you can truly get more for less.

By the end, you’ll know what to do better or include to increase sales, engage your audience, and propel your business.

The business world is changing fast, and affiliate marketing is a key strategy to thrive in it. Let’s explore how to boost sales with affiliate marketing – your journey to success starts here.

1. Diversify your affiliate program

Increasing sales with affiliate marketing begins with having multiple sources to attract potential affiliates to promote your product. Contrary to public belief, you don’t need to stick to one affiliate program to promote your products.

You can use Selar’s affiliate network alongside other known affiliate programs like Expertnaire to connect with successful affiliates. Moreso, each affiliate program has its unique set of affiliates, with their own followers and target audiences.

By diversifying, you can tap into various niches and demographics, thereby broadening your reach and potential customer base.

For example, here’s a digital product creator Jackto Precious who has listed his products on three different affiliate programs with the promise to list on another platform.

This helps him to take advantage of multiple affiliates across these platforms to boost the reach of his product.

Moreso, when your products or services are promoted by multiple reputable affiliates across different platforms, it can build trust and credibility with potential customers. Meaning, they are more likely to see your offerings as valuable and reliable.

Pro Tip: You can diversify the affiliate’s audience by encouraging them to attend offline events where their chances of meeting potential customer increases. You can assign QR codes to each affiliate, helping them track how well their event campaign works. Uniqode’s QR code maker helps you make secure QR Codes that provide analytics reports. Check it out.

2. Offer appealing incentives

Boosting your sales with affiliate marketing typically involves leveraging affiliates to help you sell your products. But to do that, you need to give affiliates a reason to want to want to promote your product.

The best way to do this is by giving mouth-watery incentives. It can be anything from offering a percentage commission on every sale they make, to cash prizes, phones, or even a vacation trip.

The key is to ask yourself, “What can I give someone to make them heavily interested in promoting my product?”

When you figure it out, put it at the forefront of your marketing efforts. This way you’re leveraging affiliates to boost sales of your products, and giving them something to make them stay longer.

3. Leverage content marketing

While affiliate marketing is a good way to increase sales of your products, you can’t do it without content.

Content brings everything together and helps your target audience understand your product and how it benefits them. If you don’t have a content bank for promoting your content, begin by creating at least a month’s worth of social media posts and blog posts if you have a blog.

Not only do you need the content to promote your product, your affiliates need it to have a better understanding of your product and promote it properly. Various top-selling merchants typically have a group for their affiliates, so they can easily release content and ensure consistency on all the information put online.

Additionally, high-quality content demonstrates your expertise and authority in your niche. It helps establish trust with your audience, as they perceive you as a reliable source of information.

And as you know, trust is a crucial factor in consumer decisions, especially in competitive markets.

4. Focus on promoting fewer products at a time

To get the best out of affiliate marketing, focus on promoting fewer products per time. This means promoting anywhere between 1-2 products per time. This helps you to easily manage your sales and identify which product your affiliates find easier to promote, and which one your audience is more interested in.

Even more, if you are a new creator who just launched a digital product, you want to focus on building trust first before bombarding your users with lots of products/knowledge. Secondly, you are just starting out, and may not have enough street credibility for people to pay you money.

So, rather than create multiple products at once and confuse your audience, use the power of 1 to focus on one thing at a time. In this case, it is creating and promoting one product per time.

Take your time to educate your affiliate about your product and use a variety of content to help them promote.

But there’s a thin line.

If you have the capacity to promote more than two products per time, then go ahead. Just make sure you are educating your affiliates everything about your product(s) to avoid miscommunication.

5. Leverage the power of niche influencers

Niche influencers have a large following on their social platforms and have carved out their own specialty and area of interest online.

They bring about brand partnerships and endorsements that make their followers trust their opinion about a product or service. They not only sell, but they also foster relationships between themselves and the brand.

This is important because affiliate marketing doesn’t begin and end with just “affiliates.” You can also collaborate with other creators and influencers to promote your products to their audience and earn a commission on every sale.

Niche influencers have a grounded knowledge of their craft and are effective in creating brand awareness that drives sales, making them the perfect partners to boost your sales.

Abdulrasheed Othman, a digital creator and business consultant says, “I made an equal amount from Affiliate marketing, selling other people’s classes as I have made from selling my own classes.”

So you don’t have to wait for people who call themselves “affiliates” to boost sales of your products. Collaborate with other niche influencers to get your product out there. It’s all part of affiliate marketing.

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