5 Tips for Boosting Sales of Your Products from Emmanuel Akpe (Prince of Copywriting)

Emmanuel Akpe believes that there is a system for making sales online and one skill you must learn is copywriting. Through his BOC course, Emmanuel Akpe is empowering creators to learn the art of copywriting as it is the primary step to selling online.

Combined with copywriting is a series of sales strategies Emmanuel has also picked up over the years. For him, selling online doesn’t just happen. You have to first begin with trying different methods to see what works. When you find it, do it consistently over time.

Today, Emmanuel Akpe has mastered copywriting, sales, and marketing and teaches it to others through his various digital products and services.

In this article, we go over five tips for boosting your sales online as shared by Emmanuel Akpe, and how to apply it to your business.

1. Have a structure

The first step to increasing your sales online is to have a system around your activities. As a beginner, you try multiple things to discover which sales strategy works for you.

But as your business grows, you find out you cannot handle all the requirements alone. You need systems for your activities, such that if you were to hire someone, there’s already a laid-down guide for them to follow.

Emmanuel Akpe has structured his business in such a way that there is a process for everything. In his words, ” I have a process for doing almost anything and I just run through my process again. The process makes results predictable.

My process has always been; Offer – Lead generation – Conversion. I make sure my offer is really irresistible and highly valuable. You can see that what I’m giving you is of way higher value than the money you’re paying for it. That’s very important to me.”

This means, more than looking for ways to grow your business as it happens daily, focus on building a structure for it. A structure makes your business scalable.

To build a structure for your business, begin by identifying recurring processes in your operations that have results and have worked over time.

For example, before you launch a product, you know you have to

This process becomes your unique sales strategy. As your business grows, you notice that these become a routine every time you launch a new product. So they make up your systems as every launch effort you make revolves around these strategies.

2. Generate leads

Lead generation is an important part of selling online. To succeed in business you need to generate leads every day. Leads here mean anyone interested in your brand and has interacted with it one way or the other.

Lead generation is so important that 53% of marketers spend half or more of their entire budget on it.

For Emmanuel, one of his primary lead generation strategies is growing his audience. “I have a combined audience of over 80K across all social media channels. I also have an email list of over 20,000 people. An audience is a key part of my lead generation process and I’m always building my audience,” he says.

But, the number of sales you make online is dependent on the number of leads you generate. “Lead generation without conversion will lead to hypertension,” Emmanuel adds. Marketing follows a typical straightforward structure of attracting the right audience and converting them, hence to boost sales you need to attract more people.

Emmanuel understands this, and leverages paid ads to boost the reach of his content, thereby attracting more people and increasing his conversion rates. “I run ads with WhatsApp influencers, Facebook influencers, and Instagram Influencers. I see ads as an investment,” he adds.

Lead generation works pretty simply. You create a valuable product for your audience which can be ebooks, online courses, templates, worksheets, etc., and in exchange for it, they give you their email addresses which can be used for marketing purposes. The more people you can reach, the more people you can convert.

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3. Go for organic virality

Organic virality is the spontaneous spread of content or information through social media without the use of paid advertising. Essentially it describes the term “going viral” but without running promotional ads.

This happens when people share, engage with, or promote content because they find it interesting, valuable, or entertaining, and they want to share it with their own network of friends and followers.

A key driver of organic virality is high-quality content. Content that is well-crafted, informative, entertaining, or emotionally resonant is more likely to be shared and engaged with by users. This could include anything from funny memes and heartwarming stories to informative infographics and insightful articles.

Not only is high quality a criterion, it has to be relevant. Understanding your audience’s interests and preferences is important in creating content that resonates with them. More so, personalized content often has a higher chance of going viral.

Emmanuel focuses on creating the best content he can while asking people to help share his posts. In his words, “I believe in organic virality. If people share your post, you’re reaching a warm audience because their own brand is rubbing off and you’re leveraging their trust.

4. Leverage affiliate marketing

The benefits of affiliate marketing for businesses are often not talked about enough. As a merchant, it’s easier to boost sales while spending little or nothing on marketing.

It is a marketing model where you incentivize people to market and sell your product in exchange for an agreed commission. Affiliate marketing is often termed performance-based marketing because you pay based on the result you get from your affiliates hence it differs from other marketing models.

For example, you can give out 50% of the product price to affiliates as a commission on every sale. This makes affiliates more interested in promoting your product.

For Emmanuel, affiliate marketing is his secret weapon. “I have affiliates for my BOC course. There are over 1000 of them that make over 50% selling the course. We have competitions, and people get to win laptops, and iPhones in the BOC course. There are milestones. For every milestone, there is a cash prize,” he says.

Affiliate marketing helps you leverage the power of influence. Partnering with many affiliates gives you the chance to tap into their audience and sell to them. It’s one of the very effective ways to sell your products to people you don’t have access to.

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5. Have a strong personal brand

A personal brand is your online credibility sheet. If no one knows you, no one will buy from you. That’s the hard truth of marketing.

You must have a track record of giving valuable content, sharing your story online, and being a thought leader in your field to influence people to trust you.

It’s the image or perception people have of you, based on the messages you communicate through your actions, words, and appearance.

As a creator, your personal brand is your most valuable asset. It’s what sets you apart from other creators and makes you memorable to your audience.

“It’s very important to me to keep a clean brand on the internet with no scandals. I’m careful what I say by keeping it clear. It helps me create social proof and consistently make sales,” Emmanuel explains.

As a creator, personal branding isn’t something to leave to chance as it influences the sales of your digital products.

Without a credible brand online, no one will trust you or the efficiency of the products you’ve created. Take control of your personal narrative and show people that you know your stuff. That’s how you grow as a creator.

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Selling online is a successful combination of copywriting and marketing strategies. You can’t do one without the other. Use these tips to optimize your sales strategy and boost your sales.

You don’t have to try them all at once. Pick one or two strategies, optimize, and see what works. Continue to tweak accordingly till you get a strategy that works for boosting your sales.

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