Meet Six-Figure Mom: The Mother of Three helping Women Build Successful Businesses

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This week, we turn the lights on Chichi Uchendu, popularly known as the Six figure mom online. 

Let’s get to know her, shall we?

Can we meet Chichi Uchendu?

My name is Chichi Uchendu, a Financial literacy Enthusiast, Launch Strategist, Virtual Assistant Coach, and mom of 3. 

I’m the Founder of sixfiguremom where I help other women start online businesses so they can live life on their own terms and have time and freedom for themselves and their families. 

I also consult for numerous businesses via Dvirtualassistant for their brand’s social media strategies, online course launches, and management. I am an advocate for women earning six figures and more as a side business.

What was your career journey before getting into the creator economy?

I worked at a financial institution and also had a fashion brand before I left it for the creator economy.

How did you get involved with digital products?

 I started Digital products when I needed some money for a project and I thought to myself since people are making inquiries regarding a particular course why not create it and see if people are really interested. I launched and had people from up to 5 different countries join that set.

How can mothers get into the creator economy? 

The easiest way is to learn from someone who has a result to avoid making mistakes. Being a mom is enough hard work on its own so you don’t want to add extra stress without achieving results. 

How can mothers manage their kids, and family whilst still being digital creators? 

I like the quote impossible is nothing! It makes you prioritize your time, let your partner know what your business is, and when you need help. Last but not least is to delegate if you can afford it. It is an absolute lifesaver.

What skills would you recommend for mothers? 

I would advise them to have excellent time management skills as well as learn tech skills that don’t require coding so they can work and earn from home.

Did you work while pregnant? How did you manage it? 

Yes, I did, (laughs) My close friends say I’m more active when I’m pregnant or during nursing. My first ever online course for my fashion business was recorded when I was pregnant with my first child. I started my virtual assistant agency @dvirtualassistant when my son was 8 months old in 2018. The sixfiguremom idea was birthed when my 3rd baby was 4 months. I delegate tasks to make my work easier while taking care of my kids. That’s how I’m able to manage it.

What challenges have you faced with motherhood and being a digital creator? 

The challenge I have faced as a mom is that sometimes your planning doesn’t go the way you want it because of your kid’s activities. While as a Digital creator before Selar came I lost many international clients because there was no way to receive my money from them. But now, things have become a lot easier.

Why did you start dvirtual assistant?

I started Dvirtual Assistant as a passion. I was doing part of the services already for free without knowing I could get paid for it. I was researching one day and came across a virtual assistant program ad. After several inquiries, I enrolled and before I finished the one-month course I set up the business and got a client from Lagos while I was in Abuja. I told my husband and we laughed over it. Fast forward to today, we have served and are still serving thousands of clients both internationally and locally.

What’s a strategy for launching courses successfully? 

The first strategy is to be REALLY CLEAR about who you are helping. You need to know the journey they go through to become a CUSTOMER and a STUDENT. Your content should focus on both convincing people that the course is what they need and as a student, the promises are what you will deliver. 

What’s the average amount you make from digital products and services? 

I make seven figures from digital products and services monthly working remotely. 

What advice would you give to other creators who are inspired by you? 

My advice to them is that it’s a gradual process, be consistent, and don’t get tired of upgrading yourself. The more you know, the more you earn!

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