Selar Takes a Firm Stand Against Fraud and Ensures Secure E-commerce Environment

For the past five years of our operation, we have continuously upheld our unwavering commitment to maintaining a safe and trustworthy platform for all our users.

As an integral part of our mission, we firmly stand against any form of fraudulent activity, including creating fake creator accounts, deception, and fraudulent business practices.

Consequently, we are deeply concerned by recent allegations made by an individual regarding a fraudulent merchant on our platform. We want to assure our valued users and the public that Selar maintains a zero-tolerance policy towards fraudulent activities, and we take this matter extremely seriously. Any creator found to be involved in such activities will face immediate consequences, including account suspension or termination.

Selar has always been committed to combating fraud and ensuring the highest level of user protection. We strictly prohibit fraudulent activities on our platform, including creating fake accounts, using stolen credit card information, and conducting phishing scams. Selar maintains a comprehensive user policy that emphasizes our commitment to user safety and outlines the steps we take to prevent and address fraudulent actions.

It is crucial for all users to be aware of our user policy and familiarize themselves with our guidelines and reporting procedures. We actively encourage our users to report any suspicious behavior or potential fraud they encounter on the platform. By working together, we can create a community built on trust, where creators can showcase their expertise and customers can make purchases with confidence.

At Selar, we are constantly working on enhancing the security and reliability of our platform.We have strict compliance guidelines we follow. Our compliance team periodically reviews businesses on Selar to ensure compliance with our terms and conditions of use. 

As part of our ongoing commitment to user protection, we are pleased to announce a recent development in our company. We have been solidifying our automated KYC (Know Your Creator) process, which will provide an additional layer of security and transparency. We follow CBN guidelines and work with reputable partners towards collecting the required information for verifying the identity of our creators. This measure ensures that only genuine and trustworthy creators are able to conduct business on Selar.

We want to remind our users to remain vigilant when conducting online transactions. Exercise due diligence, verify the authenticity of sellers and products, and report any suspicious behavior or potential fraud to us. Your assistance helps us maintain a secure environment for all our users.

For more information on Selar’s user policy and security measures, please visit