Selar Set To Launch the Biggest Affiliate Network In Africa

Leading e-commerce store builder is officially launching its most extensive and the biggest affiliate network platform from the shores of Africa.

One of the most used features on Selar is its Affiliate feature where creators can easily add affiliates to promote their digital product for a commission and due to high demand and request, Selar is set to launch the Affiliate Network & Marketplace.

On the Selar’s Affiliate Network, people can sign up as affiliates, and pick any digital product of their choice listed by Selar creators on the affiliate network, promote it and earn a commission for each sale they make.

Selar is launching this affiliate network with a summit tagged ”The Affiliate Marketing Summit, 2022”.

The 3 days summit, which will hold from 28th- 30th June 2022, is aligned with the Selar goal of creating a vast distribution network to help merchants and creators boost their sales by selling their knowledge as digital products across the African economy. This way, many more people who don’t have the capability of creating a product can have the opportunity to promote other people’s products and earn from them.

With the theme being “building an income source promoting other people’s products”, Selar is set to host some of the best and most reputable Affiliate marketers in the industry. 

To find out more about the summit, click “register here below.”

The affiliate network is to help creators reach more people globally, which in turn brings more revenue. This is a good fit for creators to promote their products and get more distributions and also for affiliates who want more access to sell across Africa and the world to earn income in different currencies they wish to make.

According to Head of Marketing Selar, Milton Tutu “One of our main goals at Selar is to make selling digital products easy for African creators and this affiliate network just reinforces our goal for the African creator economy. We are not just making it easy for just anyone to earn from their digital products but also, with this Affiliate network, we have created a revenue stream for young Africans that are looking at earning an extra income by promoting other people’s products”. 

There have been various conspiracies around the affiliate business model. The myth that affiliate marketing is a scam or offers low-value traffic and sales source is invalid. The reality is that affiliate programs can be as high value as those running the affiliate program make it as affiliates on the Selar platform have realized over 50 million Naira as affiliate commission in the last year. 

“To look closely at the affiliate business model, we see that it’s not a scam, it’s just a simple business model where you earn a commission by recommending and promoting other people’s products.”. Head of Marketing, Milton Tutu said.

We have made it very easy and affordable for anyone to be part of Selar’s Affiliate network. For creators selling on Selar, they can easily list their product on the Affiliate network when setting up their product on Selar. After verification, the product would be listed on the Affiliate Network.

 For Affiliates looking at promoting these products, they can easily sign up on with a yearly discounted fee of just N2,000. After signing up, they get automatic access to the affiliate network where they have thousands of products they can promote and earn a commission from. One of the beauties of Selar’s Affiliate Network is that you don’t have to wait every Friday before you get paid. You get paid less than 24 hours after making sales, especially in Nigeria, and three to ten days for products with foreign currencies. 

Unlike other affiliate networks, the Selar affiliate network has various payment options such as PayPal, mobile money, US dollars, Canadian dollars, Naira, Ghana cedis, Kenya shillings, Tanzania shillings, Uganda shillings, and a lot more. That way, affiliates, and merchants could sell to people across the world. 

With over 40,000 active selling creators and over 150,000 products on Selar, Selar is set to not just make distribution easier for creators or help them make more revenue but give everyday Africans a chance to take their share of the creator economy.