Introducing Show Love Feature

Introducing: Show Love! A New Way For You to Receive Support!

Hello creator!

As the year is ending, we have been considering ways to support you and encourage your audience to do the same. This is why we are excited to announce “Show Love,” a new Selar feature that allows your audience, supporters, students, etc. to express their appreciation and support to you in meaningful ways, right in time for the festive season.

Selar Show Love is a tipping feature that your audience and community can use to send cash gifts and notes to their favorite creators, stars, celebrities, and friends. It’s an amazing way to show appreciation and support directly through the Selar platform. 

How It Works:

Here’s how to create your Show Love link on Selar;

  1. Create an Account with Selar, or Log into your already existing Selar Account: Click this link to get started.
  2. Visit the Show Love tab to create your Show Love Profile.

3. Click ‘Create My Page’ button and fill out the form with the necessary details: display name, bio, custom show Love link, social media links, etc. You will receive a personalized URL link to your Show Love page, which you can share with your supporters.

4. Share the page with your followers, then sit back and relax while your supporters pour you all the love and appreciation you deserve!

Note: Your funds will go directly to your Selar account, which you can withdraw instantly to your bank account. Also, this feature is for every Selar creator! 

Immerse yourself in the warmth of love this season! We’re thrilled about the incredible moments that await you this festive season and beyond.

Have any questions or need more help? Send us an email at [email protected]!

Happy Holidays!