Comedy with a Purpose: How The Moromoluwatiketike is Sharing Her Faith One Video at a Time

If you’ve come across Moromoluwatiktike’s videos, you’d definitely laugh at her ability to embody the character of a Pastor’s wife and other characters in her church. One question that will constantly go through your mind is “How is she able to mimic their characters so well?”

In this week’s #CreatorStories, Moromoluwatiketike shares with us the events in her life that led up to her content style and how she is using her funny videos to spread joy one video at a time.

Kindly introduce yourself

I’m Moromoluwatiketike Abolaji. I’m an actor, Event Compere/MC, Voiceover talent, and Christian content creator.

Tell us about growing up as a pastor’s daughter. What was the experience like?

Growing up in a pastor’s house was a very straightforward lifestyle. My parents are pastors, so our life revolved around moving from home to school and back to the church because there was always an activity in church.

How so?

For example, we would go to church very early in the morning on Monday, and then from there we would go to school. After school, we’d either go home or go to church depending on the time of the month. If it was the first Monday or last Monday of the month, then there’d be a church activity. 

After school on Tuesdays, we’d go back to church for digging deep service. On Wednesdays, we attended the Women’s prayer meeting after school. On Thursdays, we’d attend faith clinic, then on Fridays, there was worker’s vigil. On Saturdays, there were department rehearsals or workers’ programs, and on Sundays, we went to church and spent all day there due to the many meetings my parents had. And that’s how the circle went on and on. 

We grew up around our church members so we either went to school or church together. My lesson teacher was a member of the church, so we had lessons in the children’s church, at the back of the church. 

Wow. That’s a lot 

Yes. But growing up in a pastor’s house is also sweet, depending on the season you’re in. During celebratory seasons, the house was always full of various items, hampers, provisions, and lots more. We were loved by many. 

Interesting. What about discipline? 

My parents took discipline very seriously. There was a point in my life as a teenager when I wanted to wear certain outfits. I wanted to wear clothes that my parents wouldn’t approve of. 

My mum disciplined me with cane and prayer. As she flogged me, she prayed that I’d turn a new leaf. Thankfully, I’m here today. I had to rededicate my life back to Christ to be who I am today. I wouldn’t say I woke up one morning and decided to change, Christ made me who I am. I believe you have to dress well, and modestly, in your Christianity journey. 

Also, as a pastor’s child, you get to be used as an example. One time I  came late for the Worker’s meeting in church, and I  had to stand up. My dad was the pastor, and he left the house before me


Yes (laughs). Also, people expect you to be perfect. Nothing must be wrong with you. You can’t even be sick, you’re a Jesus baby. When it comes to church programs, you also have to work. As a pastor’s child, you can be many things. They expect you to fill up loopholes in church and it automatically comes with leadership abilities. When there is a need for someone to lead something in church, you’re on top of the list.

Did you always take up all the roles you were given?

No, I didn’t. I turned down some leadership roles because I felt I wasn’t ready for it. There were a lot of complaints about my not being willing to do the work of God. But I didn’t let it get to me because I wasn’t ready. Generally, the pressure is a lot and you need the grace of God to handle it. 

True. But how did being under all that pressure make you feel?

It was a lot. It got to a point where my siblings had to tell my parents that the pastoral calling didn’t involve us (laughs), so there was no reason for people to try to correct us all the time. There was nothing we’d do or wear that they wouldn’t have something to say. My parents told us to make some corrections as much as we could. 

Let’s talk about your skits. How do you come up with different characters on your skits?

My mom is my major source of inspiration. She’s a wonderful woman and at the same time, she’s hilarious. In my videos, I try to mimic my mom and how she dedicated her life as a Pastor’s wife and a Godly mother to us. 

Also, I’m trying to preach and pass a message with love. Personally, I like being corrected with love. That’s why I try to do the same thing in my skits to preach about modesty and correct people with love. 

How long did you spend around pastor’s wives to mimic them as well as you do?

27 years. I was the only child born in RCCG. My other siblings were born in different churches. By the time they had me, they were all in Redeemed already. So for that long, I had seen all these people. 

That’s longg

Yes, it is (laughs).

You went from Pastor’s child to Pastor’s wife. Did you always imagine your life like that?

No. I honestly didn’t. In fact, I never wanted to marry a pastor. 



So how did it happen?

When I met my husband, we were just friends. He didn’t look like he was going to be a Pastor. So I was very happy and comfortable. As we continued our friendship, he was made HOD at church. I thought, “it’s not so bad, we can still work with that.” (laughs).

When I came back from NYSC, he became the Assistant Pastor. Ahh! (laughs). 

I still hoped he wouldn’t become the main pastor. We were praying for promotion but not pastoral promotion (laughs). I just wanted a cool guy I would go to church with, say hello to the pastor, and go back home.

When he was eventually promoted to the lead pastor, I was like “Now we’re here.” I couldn’t break up with him; what if the next person I meet will become a prophet? (laughs)

So we got married and that’s how I found myself as a Pastor’s wife. And given my background, it wasn’t anything new to me. Going from a Pastor’s child to a Pastor’s wife, I can say I was trained for a season like this. So all the lessons I got from being a Pastor’s child, I put into being a Pastor’s wife. 

Nice. So what inspired you to start creating content?   

It was my mum and the various church members I grew up around. Everything I do is because I’ve seen my mom act that way so I just spice it up even further. Also, the lockdown brought an opportunity to showcase my creativity through my skits. 

However, when I started, I knew I had to be distinct and pass a message across to people. I am a child of God and a shining light in the creator community, so it’s up to me to preach on social media. Not everyone can preach on the pulpit, I believe we can preach our own sermon in whatever capacity and I am doing mine through social media. 

Interesting. What is your process of content creation?

God gives me ideas all the time. When he drops something in my heart, I know it’s from him. Sometimes, when I see random things that are funny, I use them and try to find the message I will pass across, then add humor to it and post. I know that the way my mum does things is different from mine. So I have to use something people can relate to to pass my message across.

How did you feel when your skits went viral?

The first time one of my videos went viral, I was so happy and returned all glory to God. I believe that if you are doing something in line with God’s will and purpose, he will announce you, which is what he has done with me. When I see my videos everywhere, I’m just happy because I know that it is God doing his thing. 

We see you’re also a voice-over artist


How did that happen?

I went to Voice Over Academy in 2021 to master the art of voicing well. Everyone has a beautiful voice and it’s left for them to decide to use the voice to make money. I noticed I loved the way children talked and my voicing was in line with children’s voiceovers. That’s the uniqueness of my own voiceovers. I do storytelling too. But my voiceover is like a side hustle 

What advice would you give to people who are inspired by you?

Be you, and don’t copy anybody. Be distinct in what you do and be patient too. People who you see today that have made it, didn’t just happen in one day. They were building for so long and God helped them. Don’t aspire to blow, let your motivation be the eagerness to grow, not blow. Finally, everyone has a talent. Just pray to God to help you see the gift he has placed in your hands, as it is the same gift that will pave the way for you.