How I made $6000 from my first Ebook in less than 2 months

Adaora, a first-time author, made $6000 from her ebook in less than two months. We had her share the strategies she used in hitting such numbers with us.

Tell us a bit about yourself.

My‎ name‎ is‎ Adaora‎ and‎ I‎ am‎ a‎ software‎ engineer‎ currently‎ building‎ cloud and mixed‎ reality‎ products at‎ Microsoft.‎ I‎ am‎ also‎ a‎ content‎ creator‎ and‎ recently‎ I‎ wrote‎ my‎ first‎ book‎ which‎ automatically‎ makes‎ me‎ an‎ author.

From‎ a‎ cloud engineer‎ to‎ a‎ digital‎ creator.‎ Could‎ you‎ share‎ with‎ us‎ how‎ the‎ journey‎ was‎ for‎ you?‎ What‎ motivated‎ you?

⁣At‎ the‎ start‎ of‎ my‎ career‎ as‎ a‎ cloud‎ engineer‎,‎ it‎ was‎ a‎ little‎ bit‎ difficult‎ navigating‎ that terrain. My industry comes with its fair share of challenges‎ so I‎ decided to‎ write‎ a‎ book‎ about‎ all‎ of‎ that‎ someday‎ even‎ though‎ I‎ didn’t‎ take‎ it‎ seriously‎ back‎ then.‎ 

After‎ over two‎ years‎ of‎ being‎ a‎ cloud‎ engineer,‎ I‎ finally felt I‎ was knowledgeable‎ enough about‎ it‎ and‎ I‎ could put‎ the‎ things‎ I‎ knew into‎ writing‎ for‎ people‎ that‎ want‎ to‎ venture‎ into‎ cloud‎ engineering. ⁣I‎ just‎ wanted to‎ simplify‎ cloud‎ engineering‎ for‎ beginners.‎ 

I stalled for a bit though and tried‎ shaking‎ off‎ the‎ thought‎ ‎at‎ some‎ point‎ but‎ it‎ kept‎ coming‎ back‎ so‎ I‎ decided to‎ give‎ it‎ a‎ try.

⁣What‎ advice‎ would‎ you‎ give‎ a‎ tech‎ bro/sis‎ who‎ is‎ highly‎ skilled‎ and‎ is‎ looking‎ to‎ start‎ their‎ own‎ digital‎ creation‎ journey?

⁣I‎ won’t‎ tell‎ them‎ to‎ go‎ for‎ it‎ or‎ just‎ do‎ it‎ because‎ it‎ doesn’t‎ really‎ apply‎ to‎ everybody.

⁣I‎ would‎ say‎ that‎ you‎ should‎ know‎ and‎ understand‎ yourself because‎ not‎ everyone‎ would‎ write‎ a‎ book‎, and‎ that is‎ fine.‎ n‎ the‎ other‎ hand,‎ some‎ people‎ are‎ long‎ overdue‎ to‎ write‎ their‎ ebooks‎ and‎ put‎ out‎ their‎ digital‎ products.‎

⁣If‎ you‎ know‎ you‎ are‎ highly‎ knowledgeable‎ and‎ ‎you‎ can‎ offer‎ value,‎ and‎ it‎ is‎ something‎ you‎ can‎ balance‎ with‎ your‎ actual‎ work,‎ why‎ not?‎ You‎ should‎ definitely‎ go‎ for‎ it.

⁣Make‎ your‎ research,‎ reach‎ out‎ to‎ colleagues,‎ friends‎, and‎ mentors‎ to‎ help‎ you‎ go‎ through‎ the‎ book to make sure you are not putting out something shabby. ost‎ importantly,‎ you‎ should‎ put‎ yourself‎ out‎ there.

⁣When‎ I‎ wanted‎ to‎ write‎ my‎ ebook,‎ I‎ reached‎ out‎ to‎ mentors,‎ friends‎ who‎ were‎ already‎ digital‎ creators‎, and‎ colleagues.

⁣I‎ had‎ people‎ who‎ encouraged‎ me and‎ also‎ people‎ who‎ discouraged‎ me.‎ I‎ chose‎ to‎ lean‎ to‎ the‎ people‎ who‎ encouraged‎ me‎ to‎ go‎ for‎ it.

Did‎ you‎ have‎ any‎ fears‎ or‎ doubts‎ when‎ you‎ were‎ writing‎ this‎ book,‎ especially‎ as‎ it‎ was‎ your‎ first‎ Ebook?

⁣Yes,‎ I‎ did!‎ I‎ almost‎ didn’t‎ write‎ it‎ but‎ at‎ a‎ point,‎ I‎ just‎ thought‎ to‎ myself;‎ Why‎ not‎ just‎ go‎ for‎ it?

⁣If‎ they‎ buy‎ it,‎ it’s‎ their‎ business‎ and‎ if‎ they‎ don’t,‎ it’s‎ still‎ their‎ business.

I‎ would‎ say‎ that‎ making‎ YouTube‎ videos‎ are‎ easier‎ for‎ me‎ unlike writing a book. Writing a book was completely new territory for me and it took me a few months to complete it. I‎ think‎ the‎ hardest‎ part‎ about writing‎ a‎ book‎ is‎ writing‎ the‎ first‎ one.

⁣I‎’m glad I‎ have‎ written‎ the‎ first‎ one‎ and‎ I‎’m aware that I’ve made‎ a‎ few mistakes along the process.‎ I‎ have‎ learned‎ from‎ those mistakes and‎ I’m‎ certainly not going‎ to‎ repeat them‎.‎ I believe that when writing my second‎ book if‎ there’ll be a second one,‎ it‎ would‎ be‎ easier‎ than‎ the‎ first.

What‎ are‎ the‎ top‎ 3‎ strategies‎ you‎ used‎ to‎ sell‎ your‎ Ebook?

⁣I‎ made‎ myself‎ visible.‎ I‎ was‎ talking‎ about‎ cloud‎ computing‎ everywhere‎ I‎ had‎ the‎ opportunity‎ to.‎ I‎ already‎ made‎ myself‎ an‎ authority‎ before‎ publishing‎ the‎ book.‎ I‎ didn’t‎ just‎ put‎ the‎ book‎ out‎ as‎ a new‎ face.‎ A‎ lot‎ of‎ people‎ already‎ knew‎ and‎ trusted‎ me.

⁣Last‎ year,‎ I‎ intentionally‎ granted‎ only‎ interviews‎ that‎ would‎ allow me to‎ speak‎ about‎ cloud‎ engineering.‎ 

⁣The‎ second‎ thing‎ I‎ did‎ is‎ put‎ out‎ the‎ book‎ on‎ pre-order‎ for‎ a‎ month.‎ I‎ also‎ took‎ advantage‎ of‎ my‎ platform.‎ I‎ didn’t‎ run‎ any‎ paid‎ ads.‎ I‎ spoke‎ about‎ the‎ book‎ everywhere‎ I‎ went‎ to.‎ Both‎ offline‎ and‎ online.‎ As‎ the‎ proud‎ Igbo‎ girl‎ that‎ I‎ am, I‎ don’t‎ take‎ a‎ break‎ from‎ pushing‎ my‎ book.‎ Not even for a day.

Did‎ you‎ use‎ an‎ editor‎ at‎ any‎ point?

⁣Yes.‎ It‎ is‎ important‎ you use‎ professionals.‎ I‎ designed‎ the‎ cover‎ on‎ canva‎ but‎ I‎ didn’t‎ like‎ it‎ so‎ I‎ had‎ to‎ get‎ a‎ professional‎ designer‎ to‎ do‎ that‎ for‎ me and I loved the result. I‎ also‎ reached‎ out to‎ two‎ different‎ types‎ of‎ editors.‎ A‎ technical‎ editor‎ because‎ of‎ the book’s subject‎ and‎ also‎ a‎ normal‎ editor‎ to‎ check‎ my‎ grammar‎ and‎ proofread‎ the‎ book.

What’s‎ been‎ your‎ experience‎ using‎ Selar and why‎ did‎ you‎ choose‎ to‎ host‎ your‎ ebook‎ on‎ Selar?

⁣It’s‎ easy‎ to‎ sell‎ on‎ Selar‎ and‎ that’s‎ one‎ of‎ the‎ reasons‎ it’s‎ the‎ primary‎ platform‎ I’m‎ using to push the‎ digital‎ copy‎ of‎ my‎ book.

Selar make‎s it‎ easy‎ to upload‎ the‎ book,‎‎ the‎ dashboard is easy to navigate and it’s easy to receive payments too, even in other currencies.‎

⁣Another‎ reason‎ I‎ chose‎ Selar‎ was‎ because‎ of‎ my‎ friend,‎ Mitchelle.‎ Shout-out‎ to‎ her!‎ She‎ published‎ her‎ book‎ last‎ year‎ and‎ she‎ used‎ Selar.‎ She‎ was‎ the‎ one‎ who‎ made‎ me‎ know‎ Selar‎ existed.‎ She‎ convinced me to try Selar‎. Moreover, the fact that‎ Selar‎ is‎ built‎ for‎ African‎ creators‎ by Africans just‎ made it more important for me to use it. It just makes sense‎ for‎ us‎ to‎ support‎ each‎ other.

If‎ you‎ had‎ the‎ opportunity‎ to‎ do‎ it‎ all‎ over‎ again,‎ what‎ would‎ you‎ do‎ differently‎ this‎ time?

⁣I‎ will‎ definitely‎ have‎ a‎ team‎ in‎ place.‎ I‎ felt‎ overwhelmed replying to DMs and responding‎ to‎ clients’ issues‎ and‎ questions.‎ I‎ would‎ have‎ ‎a support‎ staff‎ that‎ would‎ handle‎ the‎ DMs and‎ also‎ filter‎ them‎ so‎ that‎ I‎ get‎ to‎ attend‎ to‎ the‎ important‎ ones‎ and‎ delegate‎ the‎ rest. A team makes a lot of things easier.