Breaking the Cycle of Sin

In the book of Judges, we see a repeated cycle, one that we can call 'The cycle of sin' - a cycle of sin, bondage, repentance, devotion, followed by sin and bondage again. Israel would follow the Lord when there was a leader who reminded them of the ways in which they should walk, but with his death they again wandered off following other gods and their own desires. God would then allow an enemy of Israel to conquer the people so that, through desperation (unfortunately) they would again look to Him.

The cycle of sin is unfortunately evident in many Christian lives today. Maybe it is one enemy, or one particular area of weakness that consistently drags you down into bondage. This study presents you with ways through which you can break away from the cycle of sin.

Tags: Judges, Sin, Bible Study, Olumide, Oki,

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