The African Gentleman (Deluxe Edition)

Ric Hassani’s soulful, yet strong delivery on his single “Gentleman” only hinted at the beauty in the Singer’s uniquely crafted Pop-African sound. The African Gentleman deftly blends soulful vocals on Pop music progressions, with local African percussion instruments like the ‘Log Drum’ (or Krin) and the Shaker more popularly known as the “Shekere”, acoustic instruments, and string orchestra instruments like the violin, viola, cello, double bass, and Flute. A balanced mixture of soulful love tunes like "Gentleman" and "Marry You", to uptempo African dance music like “Oge na ga” and "Sweet Mother", the album shows off Hassani’s versatility while maintaining his unique soulful appeal, and his stunning emotive power.

1. Gentleman
2. Police
3. Sing
4. Believe
5. Number One
6. Marry You
7. Beautiful To Me mp3
8. Sweet Mother (feat. Mumba Yachi)
9. Oge Na Ga (feat. Cabo Snoop, Xcellente & Mr. Nomsy)
10. Only You
11. As long as you love me
Deluxe Tracks
12. Gentleman (Piano Acoustic)
13. I Love You (feat. CC Johnson)
14. Only You (Piano Acoustic)
15. My Love ft Johnny Drille & TJan
16. One, Two ft YungL & MI
17. Mama ft Sonyezo & TayGrin
18. Gentleman (Sigag Lauren remix)

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