Introduction (ìfìmọ̀)

The use of yoruba language is beign neglected among yoruba tribe, especialy those that have acquired Western education, which have probably brought about the infilteration of foreign culture into our country, necessitating English language to be force down our throat by colonial masters as preferred and official language!!. That is why it is not suprising that most Western-educated homes discourage their wards to speak this noble language and infact any child who wants to take up Yoruba as a course of study either in colleges of education or universities are seen by the so calle learned ones as nonentities!!. However, today, one can categorically say that "Oyinbos" are now developing flair for this rich language and are coming down to Nigeria Universities, who offer the related course on exchange programmes!!.

Two of the Yoruba adages readily come to mind to buttress the beauty inherent in yoruba language, which must not be allowed to die. One says "òrìsaà tí a ń lé ọmọdè nìdí rẹ̀ kì í pẹ́ parun " (Meaning: "A deity from whose shrine, a child is beign chased away, would in no time go into extinction"). The others say "Bí ásá áti ìse kan yoò bá parẹ́, èdè wọn ni yoò kọ́kọ́ parẹ́ (meaning: "If a tribes culture and tradition would perish, it's language would be a prime target"). In essence what tnis book seek to achieve is to develop , preserve and promote this noble language so that generations upon generations would appreciate that indeed that yoruba has come to stay and must not be allowed to go into oblivion

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