Stretch Marks

In the past months, there has been massive acceptance of Punchline’s cover of One Hit by Cobhams as well as the iconic video of the same song.
Punchline has recorded and released a little something for his fans, especially the ladies, all around the world. It is titled Stretch Marks. It is a properly articulated lyrical piece that will leave you unconsciously smiling and your self-esteem heightened.

He hopes you enjoy it as much as he enjoyed making it.


Tags: fresh, new, hiphop, rap, music, love, rapper, artist, rnb, beats, dj, producer, trap, instagood, soundcloud, art, song, cover, insrumental, cobhams, nigerianmusic, nomakeup, stretchmarks, pimples, bellyfat, oprah, beyonce, beautiful, selfesteem,

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