Fegen Mosquito Repellant Jelly

320g Fegen Mosquito Repellant jelly is a smooth blend of essential oils that repel mosquitoes in Shea butter.

Key features
1)Shea butter base which helps with the reduction of stretch marks during pregnancy or after birth.
2)It prevents mosquitoes and tiny insects from landing on your skin.
3)Allows you to enjoy minimum of 6 hours non Mosquitoe interrupted sleep.
4)Produced from natural /Plant ingredients so they are safe for use for all ages.

Product Line:Fegen products
Production country:Nigeria
Size (L x W x H cm):8.5cm by 6.2cm
Weight (kg):0.32
Main material:Shea Butter and essential oils
Care label:Keep away from direct sunlight or heat.

Tags: Jelly, mosquito repellent,

₦ 1,500

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