LinkedIn: Hack In

LinkedIn: Hack In is a 3 day private online LinkedIn class for professionals who are new to LinkedIn and want to get a quick and powerful start with it.

In the first day of your LinkedIn: Hack In class, you will get introduced to LinkedIn and all its features. Then during the last two days, you will get personalised guidance on how to use it to achieve the most in whatever work you do.

Wondering why you need LinkedIn?
Here are a few reasons why:
- Many employers and their employees use LinkedIn
- LinkedIn profile serves as an online resume
- Employers and hiring managers use LinkedIn to recruit
- Freelancers meet their highest paying client there

Register now and choose when you want to start your class. No fixed schedules. And once you start, class will hold consecutively, 2 hours daily for a 3-day period.

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₦ 5,000

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