Online Makeup Perfection Course (FASTEST)

I will teach you everything you need to know about Applying and Perfecting your own Makeup.
You will Learn how to match your Foundation correctly, How to create perfect eyebrows on yourself, How to create custom Eyeshadow looks for Day/Night, Glam/Events, How to Fix eyelashes and more.

GUARANTEED: At the End of this Online Makeup Course, you will no longer have problems creating the Perfect Makeup Looks on yourself. You will become your own Makeup artist.

In this rich and expertly created Online Makeup Course sent to you in a series of 12 Emails, Including Video Tutorials, PDF Ebook Downloads, Texts and Images, Eva will teach you how to Use and Apply your Own Makeup like a PRO.

The importance of Knowing how to do your own Makeup are enormous, asides saving a lot of Money through the year, you would also be enjoying the Freedom of being Creative and expressing yourself through Makeup.

Whether you are trying to create a custom routine for your daily day-to-day Makeup needs or more Glam Makeup for events and special occasions, this Special Online Training Course covers the most important details to help you.

With your payment, you get INSTANT ACCESS to the full course and
You will Receive 3 Lessons weekly over the course of 3 weeks.

For Questions about Your Order please mail: [email protected]

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$ 21.15

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