There are millions of people all over the world who are dependent. These are
people who wish other people or government institutions should solve their
financial problems.
These people are the majority and they are obviously on the wrong side. But what about
the independent people, people who believe in themselves and depend so much on
They too are (unfortunately) wrong!
Here comes the third group of people, people who are not dependent non independent,
people who are interdependent.
While dependent people depend on other people or organisations to make them
successful and independent people depend on their own self, their own hands, brains
and energy to make them succeed in life, interdependent people stand in-between.
Interdependent people know that nobody can help them yet, they know that they can’t
help themselves either. Interdependent people believe so much in their own self but
they master the art of working with other people, to use the brain, time, hands and
energy of other people.
More than 95% of the world’s people are either dependent or independent, which is a
wrong path.
This book is about how to join the top 5% of people who become successful. This book is
about interdependence.
This book is about how you can leverage on other people’s brains, time, energy and
resources to be rich and successful in a legitimate way.

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