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Ayotunde Olubisose

Olubisose Ayotunde Samuel is a kingdom royalty, the only boy in a family of 6 and grew to become a shining light. He hails from Ondo state and is a practicing Civil Engineer that graduated from the Federal University of Technology, Akure. He has a great passion for the work of God that birthed D WORD-D SWORD and A-GENERATION, Evangelical ministries where the truth of God's word is revealed for the manifestation of God's kingdom on Earth through the lives of men. He is a youth leader and a Bible study teacher, a music and drama minister, and also a prolific writer. He is concerned about the total well being of believers lives which is why he mentors young people to maximize and explore their potentials for God's glory. He is a close friend of the Holy Spirit and an advocate of the Kingdom of God.

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