Impossible Jack

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Impossible Jack is a short thrilling fiction about a young adventurous Custody Officer who followed his growing interest in cases of prisoners kept in Jail. His curiosity led him to many discoveries that could endanger him and cost him so many things if he persists. But would he? .....

Ikenna kamalu: Well-crafted and laced with suspense and lucid diction. For sure, you’ll be heard and seen in the global literary arena should you continue like this. Best!

Aanuoluwapo Akinyera: I didn’t want the story to end… I just kept reading… Thank you for giving us something very interesting to read

Anonymous: Each line leaves you wanting to read the next one. Thumbs up. Anonymous Very enjoyable read! I want more. I want to see where this is headed. Great job Adesola.

Anonymous: This is quite exceptional… I loved every bit of it and wished to continue reading. Well done Desola. It’s appealing.

Ernest Lee: I praise your effort and marvel at the intelligence shown in this piece. Very intriguing and coherent. I love the flow. Keep it up Adesola.

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