How Selar works

It's pretty simple and straightforward.


What is Selar?

Selar is an ecommerce tool creatives & entrepreneurs use to sell their content, products & services across borders without any hassle.

In simple terms, if you wanted to sell anything, you can simply sign up on Selar, create your store profile, upload your product(s) and you'll automatically get six (6) currencies to sell your products to anyone, anywhere in the world, and when people buy your product, we'll remit all the funds to your local bank account or mobile money wallet.

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The actual process

It takes just 3 steps and less than 5 mins to unlock the best way to sell online. If it takes longer, feel free to close your account with us forever.


Create a free account and login to Selar.


Add your bank account details and upload your product(s).


Share the link to your store or product and start receiving payments instantly!

Popular FAQs

What can you sell on Selar ?

You can sell anything on Selar, event tickets, ebooks, physical products, training, courses and lots more. There’s literally no limit to what you can sell on Selar.

Countries you support ?

We currently support creators & entreprenuers in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Tanzania & South Africa, and rapidly expanding to more markets in Africa & Europe.

Digital downloadable products ?

YES! When creating a product, you'll have the option to upload as many files as you want the buyer to download.

Nothing's ever free, what's the catch ?

Selar is indeed free to use, you can create your online store and list your products for free, we only charge for each successful payment made on the platform, and this price differs by currency, see our pricing page for more details. There are no subscription fees or hidden charges.

One more thing

We share a lot of useful tips on how to make more sales and improve your business on our blog and social media pages, so be sure to check us out, and we'd be happy to share you products with our following whenever you tag us to your posts.

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