Merchant Frequently Asked Questions

Are there subscription fees or other mysterious fees involved?

No. Selar doesn't collect subscription fees, you're only charged a transaction fee for each sale you make:
  • NGN: 4% + ₦50
  • GHS: 5% + GH¢ 1
  • KES: 5% + 20Ksh
  • USD: 10% + 50¢
  • GBP: 10% + 50p

How do I become a merchant?

We're glad you asked!
  • Click on Login/Start Selling at the top of the page and login with any of your favorite social media platforms.
  • Once you are logged in, go to your dashboard and click on "Add a Product"
  • Start Selling!

How secure are my customer's payment details on Selar?

Selar does not store credit card or any senstive payment information of your customers, so your customers are completely safe.
Selar also utilizes multiple PCI DSS complaints payment companies like Rave, Paystack and Stripe to make payments possible in Africa.

I made a sale. How do I get paid?

  • For sales in Naira(NGN), funds are transferred to your bank account automatically, a day after the sale; if a customer buys your product today, we'll automatically credit your bank account tomorrow.

    NB: This payouts exclude weekends, payouts for sales made between Friday and Sunday are credited to your account automatically on Monday.
  • For KES and GHS payments, the funds are added to your wallet three days after the sale, and you can make a withdrawal to your bank account or mobile money.
  • Lastly, for USD and GBP payments, the funds are added to your wallet at the end of the month, and you can convert the funds to your local currency and withdraw the funds to your bank account or mobile money.

Why we need your BVN?

We are glad you asked!
Your BVN is needed so as to verify your account with us and also specify what bank account to make payouts to. So it's basically a form of bank account verification and a very important step.
Payouts are done automatically to the bank account associated with the chosen BVN and in less than 24 hours.

Your question doesn't appear here?

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