Pleasures Magazine May/June 2019 Issue

The May/June 2019 edition of the Pan-African Entrepreneurial and Luxury magazine, Pleasures Magazine is dedicated to celebrate the efforts of Nigerian philanthropist and founder of YAKOLO INDIMI FOUNDATION, Ms. Rahma Indimi who is fighting poverty and inequality through the effortlessness of highly skilled volunteers, collaborative partnerships by empowering women and youths through education, skill acquisition, micro enterprises, farming, enforcement of their human rights, financial aid and psycho-social interventions.

This issue also includes a special feature to celebrate Versace’s 40 years anniversary of Iconic world of class and to celebrates this milestone, we had an exclusive interview with brand’s Creative Director and its founder’s little sister Donatella who joined the company in the creative department in 1988 and there began her distinctive commitment and influence on the brand. Following the tragic murder of Gianni in 1997 in Miami, Donatella has shown redoubtable strength of character and has managed the company up to the present day.

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