The Business of Writing - How to become a highly paid writer.

Writing has been and will always be one of the highest paying disciplines. I have been a writer since I was little but then, it was a passion. I was passionate about books, reading, and writing. I wrote my first novel when I was 16 which has remained unpublished to date.

When I decided to take writing seriously to really earn money, the struggle began. I struggled for years and was almost giving up when I decided to try a new approach. No sooner, I learned the business of writing and from 2015 to date, I have successfully handled several writing gigs - over 700 admission statements, corporate documentation, CV writing (in droves), books, and a whole lot more. My clients' list includes Nigerians (and those in Diaspora), Americans, British, etc. and I have earned over N15 million within the last 4 years.

Over the course of my writing career, I have been able to figure out my highest earners - CV Writing, Amazon publishing, and academic writing and research. In this manual, I have expertly detailed every step and process involved in the above niches and more importantly, I explained the business of writing which is applicable to my favorite niches and every other niche.

It's a simple strategy that works across all kinds of writing niches that can guaranty you a steady stream of income. With this, you really do not need content mills like Upwork, Fiverr, and the others.

THE BUSINESS OF WRITING is a well-detailed course that teaches writers how to identify the highest-paying writing niches and build a highly profitable business as a writer.

You'll learn;

How to fully understand how to write for profits
How to write highly professional CVs that can get you an interview in less than 30 days
How to carry out research and academic writing
How to gain a steady stream of clients within and outside Nigeria
How to earn over a million Naira annually as a writer
And so much more...

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