Step By Step Production Guide. Home Based, High Demand, Low Costs & Profitable Ways To Make Money Today.

This Step by Step Production Guide has been designed for easy understanding and it is self explanatory.
It typically takes you by the hand and shows you what to do and how to do them.
It also reveals profit maximization techniques to ensure you have good profits for your labour while maintaining high quality products.
Your success is guaranteed with the use of this Guide.
Join thousands of Nigerians who have started production businesses from the comfort of their homes.
- No need of electricity;
- No big equipment / machinery required;
- Little costs to produce;
- Unlimited market (Homes, Schools, Eateries, Offices, Factories, General Public).
Get ready for your financial freedom.


1. Liquid Soap
2. Powder Detergent
3. Laundry Soap (Hot & Cold Method)
4. Toilet Soap
5. Medicated, Antiseptic & Herbal Soap
6. Petroleum Jelly (Vaseline)
7. Baby oil
8. Fashion Facial Powder
9. Medicated Dusting Powder
10. Hair Cream
11. Hair Shampoo
12. Hair Conditioner
13. Body Spray
14. Liquid After Shave
15. Liquid Air Freshener
16. Insecticide
17. Antiseptic Disinfectant (Dettol)
18. Germicide (Izal)
19. Bleach + Scouring Powder
20. Cold Starch

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