What We’ve Been Up To

Hello Selars*

How market? This is us reaching out to you to share what we’ve been up to with Selar and keep you in the loop 😄

Free Products

You can now list products for free on Selar. We were late to this party but its better now than ever as they say. Douglas wrote about it here.


We updated the payment processing fee to 4% + N50 as we feel this is the best way for you to maximize profit from your sales. It came at a great cost but we want you to have mo’ money mo’ money.

Mo’ Digital Products

We now have support for other types of digital products like Tickets. You can now receive payments for your tickets via Selar 😄

Support Great Art

We have award-winning Ric Hassani exclusively on Selar. See his new song. Support Great Music. 🙌🏿 🙌🏿

Also, a collection of short stories from The Naked Convos Collective is now on Selar for sale.

Lastly, don’t forget to

*If you aren’t a Selar, you’re probably sleeping on a bench, join us here.

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