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Showing love this Valentine’s by giving to two crucial foundations (ft WeTalkSound)

We’ll be matching donations for the WTS LOFN 2 album

I’ll make this really short, because truly, there’s not a lot to say. We’re big fans of WeTalkSound (popularly known as WTS), they are an awesome community of Nigerian creatives coming together to make amazing content in all aspects of media (music, videos, short films, and podcasts).

I personally admire the founder, Dolapo Amusat, so when he told me about their initiative to release an album on Valentine’s day where all the proceeds go to charity, I was in awe because, indie artists only make so much from their art and yet these group of amazing people are willing to give their proceeds to charity.

At Selar, we had plans to do some sort of give-away for this year’s Valentines. However, once I identified that the proceeds from the album were going to two foundations doing very crucial work, I had a discussion with Yinka & Yomi, my Selar cofounders.

Mirabel Centre: a project of Partnership for Justice where rape and sexual assault victims can access free forensic medical & counselling services.

Dorcas Cancer Foundation:Non-profit organisation dedicated to improving childhood cancer outcomes in Nigeria.

We decided to divert our give-away funds to this instead, because we believe in the amazing artists putting out this great work, and also in the very crucial work that these foundations are doing, especially when you consider foundations like Mirabel Centre are very scarce in Nigeria.

Our Pledge

We’ve pledged to match every sale of the WTS Valentine’s album till the end of the week, the album costs NGN 1,000, so whenever anyone buys the album, we’ll also give NGN 1,000.

You can buy the album to experience amazing music while supporting these crucial causes https://selar.co/LOFN2

Album Tracklist & Credits

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