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How to design a good book cover using Canva [Video]

A very simple video guide on how to design a book cover using Canva app by @Creatorialz.

The content of any book is key, but another thing that really attracts readers and buyers is the cover of the book, hence, that has to look very good by any means necessary. If you’ve been wondering “how to draw a book cover design” or “how much does it cost to design a book cover”, look no further, Canva can help with this, at no cost and with no critical expertise required.

If you aren’t familiar with Canva, Canva app is a free design and graphics platform that offers an easy-to-use interface to create designs of your choice. Anything from instaposts, instastories, YouTube thumbnails, book covers, resumes, logos, invitation cards to Posters, and much more. We’ve written a simple blog post on how you can get started with Canva, you should check it out.

In this tutorial, Creatorialz, shows a step by step guide on how to design a good book cover using her latest ebook, Hacking Hashtags, as an example. She walks you through all the steps she took to design that ebook cover so you can make your own great looking book cover. Click play to watch the video.

Speaking of the Hacking Hashtags ebook, the ebook is a simple guide on how to master hashtags for exposure and explosive growth on Instagram. It’s a vital resource for any individual or business, it’s totally worth it, and you can get the ebook now on Selar.

Lastly, writing the book and designing the cover are the two main things, next step will be, selling it. Selar makes selling ebooks online so smooth and easy, so now you’ve learned how to design that amazing cover, you need to take all the necessary steps to make sure it sells. Here’s another post on how to sell your ebook online using Selar.

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